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From Chichester to the Launch of GI Jive & My New Andrews Sisters Showreel!

Shopping in Chichester!

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I last wrote a blog but these last few weeks have been extremely busy for me and I’m only just starting to get straight after returning home from performing in Italy. In fact I have lots of news to share with you all, including the launch of two new videos and in fact last weekend I was down in Portsmouth enjoying a few days away with Paul as we visited Southsea and Chichester. You could say last weekend was the lull before the storm as my Halloween and Remembrance seasons are just about to begin.

Which reminds me – I need to go back over my Halloween repertoire and make sure I have everything in place for the 31st. My shows will be running through to Guy Fawkes before I pick up with Remembrance. But first things first let me tell you about last weekend and my visit to the South coast.

Paul and Poppy invited me down to visit “Greens”

Lunch with Paul & Poppy at Greens!

the dog friendly cafe on Saturday for lunch at Southsea boating lake. So after my Friday show in Aylesbury I hit the road and went straight down the A34. Usually I go round the M25 and down the A3 but as I was the other side of Aylesbury I thought I would try a different rote for a change. All was well until I hit the M27 where there had been an accident so I didn’t reach Portsmouth until gone 7pm.  In a situation like this, needs must and I had to take an all important comfort break. During which I put down my leather gloves and couldn’t see them in the dark to pick them up again. However I knew exactly where I stopped in the traffic jam so the next day Paul very kindly took me back to the spot where I was able to retrieve my gloves. Although a little soggy due to the previous nights rain fall I was able to dry them out and they are now as good as new!

Shopping for Vintage Fashion!

A New Pair of 1940s Shoes!

Saturday had been set aside to take Poppy for a long walk and to visit Greens cafe for lunch. It was a windy day and I think Poppy was as reveled as we were when we arrived. Greens always offers a warm welcome and has lots of complementary dog biscuits on hand for it’s four legged visitors, as we all sat down and enjoyed our lunch. Afterwards we retrieved my gloves from the M27 and just had enough time to visit Southsea’s vintage fashion shop “The One Legged Jockey” where I was fortunate enough to pick up a beautiful pair of 1940s evening shoes and a smart 40s suit. Both need a little work but when done will look stunning.

Before the Show at Pinner Synogogue!

Paul Does a Quick Sound Check!

Paul and I spend so much of our time dashing from show to show that come Sunday we decided to have a leisurely day pottering about Chichester and stopped off for  lunch at The George and Dragon. I love Chichester as its a town with character and there’s always lots to see. We don’t get too many down days as I was straight back to work on Tuesday performing in Bedfordshire for Harlington WI “The Magic of the Musicals” and then Paul was doing sound for me on Wednesday in London.

I had been booked by Mill Hill and Pinner Synagogues to perform two shows back to back. The first was my “20th Century Show” where I sing from 1900 through to the year 2000 all the different musical styles from Opera to Rock

Singing in Triplicate Andrews Sisters Style!

and Roll and then for my 2nd evening show I had been asked to perform a double bill of “The Great American Song Book” followed by “The Swinging 50s and 60s”. All great choices and shows I enjoy performing very much indeed. Each of these shows have wonderful content and it’s good for me to sing in different musical styles from time to time.

Now I’m back home I’m catching up on my paper work and I’m thrilled to announce I’ve released two new 1940s videos this week. The first is my Andrews Sisters Showreel where you can see me performing in triplicate to split screen “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree” and “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy” . Just click the link and my second video is “GI Jive” written by Johnny Mercer. My costume inspiration came from the Varga girl pin ups of the 1940s and you can see both videos by clicking the enclosed links

Tomorrow I’m performing for a private party in Harlow and then it’s straight into Halloween shows. So keep watching this space as I still have another 1940s video to share with you all which will be my new 40s showreel. But more news on that later.

Toodle pip and Bye for now! 😉

GI Jive!