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Catching Up – A Great 2013 and 2014 Here we Come!

These last few days I have been working really hard catching up on paperwork trying to get everything ship shape for a new year. I confess my office looks like a bomb has hit it and the less said about my bedroom and dressing room the better! I took a whole load of dresses down to the dry cleaners and I’ve run out of envelopes – but I am getting there! Mind you trying to find a home for my new boots is proving to be a bit of a challenge – I do have rather a lot of clothes!
Dates are selling well and I know 2014 is going to be a fantastic year with the 70th D-Day and WW1 Commemorations so I have much to do and some great shows planed!
Looking back over 2013 I was very lucky to have met and worked with so many wonderful people and do so many great things. Some of the highlights included meeting veterans of the Dam Busters raid at Aces High Art Gallery, Singing for Peter Pickering’s dinner party for “Come Dine with Me”, Playing the Utah Beach Museum in France, performing for the Flying Proms at Shuttleworth, holidaying in Bath and singing at The Chesterfield for New Years eve. I also had the pleasure of working with photographers Angela Adams at Earsham Hall in Suffolk and Dave Jackson on a shot at the Shuttleworth Collection – so who knows what 2014 will bring!
In 2013 I invested quite a bit into my videos and show reels and I hope to do some more this year too. I shall be releasing my Chatham Show reel very shortly which was taken by David Boyle when I performed for “Salute to the 40s” in September. Keep Watching and I shall keep you posted as it shows off  my costumes beautifully!
In the meantime I was back down the gym today working out as it’s time to get trim for 2014!
Well must dash as I have to be out bright and early tomorrow!
Keep Watching and thanks for following and here’s to 2014!