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For those of you who have been following my blog you will know I’ve had a really busy week with shows and two location photo shoots back to back. Today has been a day were I’ve rather let myself go and enjoyed some time not having to rush off any-where. How unsual is that, although I do have 100s of e-mails to catch up on so please do bear with me as I’m working my way through them and I will answer you all!
Well it’s been a great two days and I know I have some fantastic shots to show you so do keep watching my facebook pages and I will post some of the shots as soon as they come through.
I was up at Pitstone Museum on Thursday doing 1940s knit wear and the weather was just perfect so I hope to have those photos for you by Wednesday, fingers crossed! The photographer I worked with on this shoot is curently away doing a Wedding fair, so as soon as Colin comes back I know he will drop round the photos – So watch this space! In the mean time this is one of Colin’s shots taken jast September and many of you will reconise it from my Evette the Spivette page.
Friday’s shoot was quite different as I went all 18th centrey and I had the pleasure of working with Bee and Dave Jackson. Bee has already posted two of the shots on my personal Facebook page and I can’t waite to see the others. It took quite a while to get me all corseted up and I can’t tell you how tired I was by the end but even though I’ve not seen the photos yet I know they will be fantastic as Bee and Dave are great photographers. It’s wonderful to be able to record my costumes and belive me I’ve still plenty more yet unseen and unphotographed so do Keep Watching! Toodle Pip and Bye for Now!