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Bubble Cars, The Rapids & All things 60s at The Midland Railway!

Me in a 1960s Bubble Car!

What a scorcher it’s been this weekend I think it must have been 80 in the shade. I’ve been out and about singing for a 1960s weekend at The Middland Railway up in Derby and what a great two days it’s been too. The railway had a vintage car rally on the Sunday and in the morning I took some time out to have a look at the vehicles before things got too busy. They even had a 1960s bubble car. Until Sunday I had only ever seen them in books so I was thrilled to see one for real and the gentleman even let me sit in and have my photo taken. So thank-you very much to the gentleman with the bubble car for letting me do that although they are not the easiest of things to get in and out of in a mini skirt – so I hope I didn’t show too much! Mind you talking about mini skirts I was able to pick up an original crochet 60s yellow dress from one of the stalls. Once I had got over the shock of seeing all my legs all at once and just how short the skirt was I decided to buy it. As it will be a great addition to my 60s wardrobe. Mind you I think I will have to invest in some knickers with the lace on the bottom like the tennis players use to wear. When one bends over you see a bit more than you should so I think lacy knicker will make it Ok or at least I hope it will. Ladies wore their dresses very short in the 60s!

Me with 60s Band the Rapids!

I’ve really enjoyed this weekend as it makes a change for me to be singing something other than the 1940s. Once again I was booked to do a weekend package of 3 x 45 minutes non repetitive shows daily in the little chapel at Swanwick station. I was keeping my fingers crossed that 60s band The Rapids had been booked to play again as they were fantastic last year so I was thrilled to find out they had been. Over the years I’ve worked and rubbed shoulders with so many bands but The Rapids are something special and have a real 1950s 60s sound which not many bands get these days. It was wonderful to see you guys again and I hope very much to work with you again soon. Love your CD by the way – I played and sang along to it all the way home! xx

All aboard this 1949 Bus!

I have to confess that while I was at the railway I  fell in love with this 1949 bus. I love anything curvy and she has curvy seats – isn’t she beautiful. If I had to give her a name I would call her Marilyn after Marilyn Monroe so I hope I may well get to meet Marilyn again some time in the future. Fingers crossed!
Thank-you to every-one who came to see me play in the Chapel and thank-you Barry for all your help – an extra pair of hands can make all the difference when it comes to packing up!
Oh before I forget just a few up-dates for you with regards my web-site. My Home page is now all done and up dated with my video embedded and so too is my Music Hall page. So if you get the chance do take a look
We will also be up-dating quite a few photos some of which have been done but I’m not happy with the colouring so we will be looking at that side of things this week. We will also be releasing my 1920s Bye Bye Black Bird video very soon so Keep Watching and I shall keep you posted..
That’s about all my news for now but once again I have a very busy weekend plan with Hare Fest and The Bugatti do on Saturday but more of that later.
Keep Watching and Toodle Pip!