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Birthday Shows, Bletchley Park, Vintage Fashion & Off on Tour!

On Stage With Paul and Poppy!

I’m afraid I’m in something of a dash tonight. I’m busy packing as I head off tomorrow morning on a mini five day tour along the south coast. I’m opening Monday night in Hurstierpoint at Danny House, a beautiful Tudor mansion with my “Hooray for Hollywood” show before making my way along the south coast to Fishbourne, Chichester and finishing in Farnham. I’ve a busy week ahead of me and I need to make sure I’ve packed everything I need and I have all the right costumes.

I’ve been performing every-day this week so I haven’t had much time to be in the office, which is why I’m in such a dash now to get everything done before I go away. Last weekend Paul and I had the pleasure of performing for Rob Bailey’s Birthday party in

Rob and I with his Grandmother!

Wheathampstead. We had been booked to perform songs from the 1950s, 60s and 70s and Paul delighted the party audience with his Sinatra classics. I sang everything else from Cliff Richard, Abba, Cilla Black, Dusty Springfield to Chuck Berry and we finished our sets with “Come Fly with Me” and “Thank-you for the Music”.

Where Paul goes Poppy goes and she enjoyed being out and about in the garden as we entertained Rob’s guests with all the popular musical favorites from these three decades. Rob’s father displayed his classic 1970s motor cars and we

Meeting Up with Reenactors at Bletchley Park!

all enjoyed a wonderful tea and homemade birthday cake made by his mother who is renowned for her superb cooking!

These last few years have been very intense and I don’t get many days off. If I’m not on stage performing, or travelling from A to B, I’m usually working late in the office catching up on paperwork. I don’t get much down town but today was a little different. It was one of those rare days where I was able to enjoy some free time which coincided with Bletchley Parks 1940s weekend.

Rob in His New Suit from Froggy Went Courting!

Rob is very new to the 1940s scene and he asked if I could accompany him to Bletchley Park as his fashion advisor and help him choose a 1940s civilian outfit. At 23 Rob has youth on his side and a fantastic figure which means he can get into all those wonderful vintage suits which the rest of us can only dream about. It can take time finding the right out-fit but when you are tall and slim like Rob that task is made considerably easier. Today we had a terrific time shopping for vintage and by the end of the day Rob was certainly turning heads as he invested in an original Donegal tweed suit which he was able to purchase from Andrew

Meeting Up With Adrian in my New Coat!

Laws  stall

Incase you don’t know unlike Harris tweed, Donegal tweed is made using traditional hand-weaving techniques and is made from high-quality wool. It’s flecked with different colours to give the tweed a distinctive look and it was very popular during the 1940s for its versatility and durability. Rob was also able to pick up a vintage tie and Fedora which will be a good investment. I too was able to find a beautiful red 1940s coat which I will be wearing for one of my Christmas shows later this year.

Crikey I’ve just seen the time and I must get to bed!

Enjoying the 1940s Event with Reenactors!

Enjoy my photos Toodle Pip and Bye for Now!

Shopping for Vintage Fashion!