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Back to Japan!

Today I have been working out at the gym and afterwards I decided to have a sauna. To be honest I’ve not had a sauna in ages and it kind of brought back lots of memories of when I was singing out in Japan. I think what set me off was the clock above the door at the gym. They have all the different times around the world and I saw the clock set to Tokyo’s time.
I use to use the onson every day when I lived out there and I would always have a sauna and masarge after the show every night. Today I was able to stay in the sauna for 20 mins but in Japan I could hardly do 5 mins as they have the temprture much higher and my skin can’t take too much heat. I’m very white and I remember how the Japanesse women were fasinated by my skin and weston curves as they don’t have any! White skin is highly prized as they associate people with brown or tanned skin with the lower working class or dare I say pesants and field workers – belive me there is a real class structure asciated with skin colour! It kind of makes me laugh when you think so many girls in this country think tanned skin is beautiful! How fashions are different around the world! Here we wear bathing costumes in the sauna but there you don’t wear any clothes at all. Infact I spent most of my time in Japan walking around in my ukatter as did everyone eles. It’s funny how things come back to you after so long and I even sang through some of my Japanesse songs but I confess my Japanesse is more than a little rusty. I’m just glad there wasn’t anyone from Japan sitting next to me in the sauna!
I was ready for lunch afterwards and I just made it round to All Saints Church coffee shop (one of my favourte haunts). By this time I was as week as a kitten and in desprate need of sugar only 1.9 but nothing a home made slice of cake couldn’t put right Yummy! Thats the thing about diabetes you have to earn your sweetes and boy did I earn it today.
This afternoon I caught up with my friend Barry (It was lovely to see you Barry and thank-you for calling me). I’ve just had a dress fitting for a new dress design I’m working on. I have a ball to go to and I want something I can dance in and this dress will give me the freedom of movement I’m looking for. We’ll must dash – thanks for following and Toodle Pip for Now!