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Back from Furzton Lake and a Weekend of Accounts!

Me Out and About at Furzton Lake

Me Out and About at Furzton Lake

Hello every-one I’ve just got back after my accounts weekend away and I’m pleased to report I am now all ship-shape and Bristol fashion! This year I choose to spend my weekend away in Milton Keynes at Furzton Lake as it has an excellent running path and I always like to go jogging in the mornings. It makes for a change of scene from my local park where I usually run and I’m keen to get my body into shape after a wonderful 2014 and a year of staying in too many nice hotels! The hard work is starting to pay off and I can see my abbs slowly knitting together as I shape up. I’ve been working a lot on my tummy muscles and I’m looking forward to getting back down the gym tomorrow for a good all over work out.

Now I’m back in the office I’ve lots of e-mails and contracts to catch up on with six dates which sold over the weekend and not much left for December. I’ve just looked over the new Schools page which Rachel and I will be adding it to my web-site very soon. It will give teachers an informative and comprehensive insight into what I do. I also hope in turn it will introduce me to a new market so fingers crossed. As soon as we go live I will let you all know so Keep Watching!

That’s about all my news for now as I must start on answering all your e-mails and send out some more album requests. This Friday I’m away to Lemmington Spar and then I shall be at Stoneleigh Park on Sunday for Militaria 2015.  If you see me there do come up and say hi as it’s always lovely to meet you

and stop for a chat.

On that note I must dash and start typing! Keep Following and Toodle Pip!