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A Voice in a Million

Back from Wales at War!

It’s been a busy Bank Holiday and I confess after 9 shows I am feeling a little tied! However it’s been a great weekend and it was lovely to sing for every-one in Penmaenmawr.I think we had the best spot outside Betty’s cafe as Stefan and I didn’t have very far to go if we wanted a coffee!
 Although “Wales at War” is a very small event as 40s weekends go this one is like one big happy family and it was great to see so many friendly faces from the time before. We were also really lucky with the weather and we seem to have missed any big showers which might have been.
A big thank-you to Vivienne who worked so hard to put this event on and every-one eles in Pen. Not forgetting Winston Churchill, Monty, The airman with the lovely Spitfire and DJ Woody. It was great working with you guys and I mustn’t forget the re-anacters and John Pool and Dillis either so thank-you!
While I was at “Wales at War” I was able to pick up a mink hat from one of the stall holders. What a find and it matches my white mink coat perfectly! I was also able to wear my new spivvy tie I bought from when I was at Ramsey. I’m still working on my “Evette the Spivette” show as I haven’t got her to sit quite right yet but she is comming – and I do enjoy playing her very much! Evette will be joining me when I play Sheringham on the 15th and 16th Sept also at Middlewich on the 21st and Kew Bridge at the end of Sept too so do keep watching this space to find out what I’m up to.
In the mean time I will be heading off to my web-designer tomorrow as we hope to have my new Music Hall page up on my web-site before long so fingers crossed it should be up tomorrow evening all being well.
That’s about it from me for tonight thanks for dropping in and I will keep you posted with all that is new and current in my world. Thanks for dropping in and Toodle Pip!