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A Voice in a Million

Back from the Isle of Wight!

Hello one and all I’m just back from performing at a Victorian Weekend on the Isle of Wight and what a great weekend it’s been too! It’s was my 4th year performing at Havenstreet station and it’s been wonderful to see this event grow from very small beginings to the event it is now. The first year we did it we had very few people but now it’s become a very popular event with many more people through the gate every time. I really enjoy doing the Victorian as it makes a change from the 40s and I can include Opera. It’s so easy for me as Opera and Operetta are the styles of music I was trained to do in the first place. My voice just clicks into gear and off I go – I love it!
I was booked to do 3 shows daily and ofcourse I didn’t forget to do my Pearly Queen show. I always like to finish off with Britsh themes and we got all the Re-anacters up on stage for the grand finale. You can’t beat a good flag wave!
On the Saturday night Stefen my sound engineer and I joined all the re-anacters for a ploughmans dinner and a night of  party games. I had no idear I was so competative I think I must have volinteared to do everything from musical chairs, to beat the gong and to build a life size jack-in-a-box out of bambo and wall paper. I was really looking forward to doing the archery only I broke the bow. I have been working out quite a bit of late Oups! Sorry!
This was Stefen’s first re-anactment event and he really did me proud so thank-you ever-so for stepping in Stefen at such short notice you were great! This event has become like one big family and it was wonderful to catch up with Anne and Rod Hughes we really enjoyed our tea and cake very much so thank-you! Here’s to next year Keep Watching Toodle Pip!