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Back from the 1960s

We’ll it’s been another busy weekend only this time I’ve been doing the 1960s at the Midland Railway and my word don’t they take their trains serosuly there! It’s a real Puffer Nutters Paradise let me tell you!
At first I wasn’t sure when I took the booking if I would have enough repotire for 3 x 45 minute non repetative shows daily but as it turned out I had more than enough. When I counted up I had about 50 songs from the 50s and 60s plus 6 medleys arrangements so I was well coved and everyone seemed to enjoy my solection. I’ve really enjoyed this weekend as I was able to sing a real mix bag from Dusty Springfield to Frank Sinarta, Chuck Berry to Little Richard and Julie Andrews and I was even able to get everyone up and dancing to “Chapple of Love” in the Little Chapple at Swanwick Station along with a fabulous 60s band called the “Rapids” They were just great and had just the right sound – I really enjoyed their set It was grat working with you chaps!
A big thank-you to Barry who came along on Saturday and helped me with my equipment and thank-you to everyone at The Midland for putting on the event. Sunday was very busy as they also had a car rally at Stanwick Station and I played both Stations Swanwick and Butterley – so quite abit of moving about but great fun never-the-less. Between you and me I rather like singing Rock and Roll and throughing out the odd Johny B Goode but to say I’ve just been in short skirts this weekend would be something of a lie. Saturday night I was invited to an Edwardian dinner by my friends Anne and Rod Hughes which was just lovely – So I’ve been alsorts this weekend and thank-you to everyone for a great couple of days.
Well I’m just dashing out to the gym now as I want to give my body a good work-out bofore I hit another run of shows. Thanks for dropping in and do Keep Watching Bye for Now!