Hello one and all and welcome to my news page. Here you can see me as my two alter egos the ever efficient secretary Prudie Jones, Evette the Spivette and plain old little me as you catch up with all that is current in my world. Regrettably unlike Prudie my spelling is quite frightful at the best of times due to my dyslexia so I shall apologise now for anything which might be shamefully mis-spelt. In the mean time I hope you find this page fun, entertaining and informative and become a regular visitor to my site.

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A Voice in a Million

Back from Tenterden and on!

Evette the Spivette with Mrs Mop!

Anchors Aweigh! my US WAVES show

Hi Everyone what a busy weekend it’s been I’ve only just been able to get back to my desk and I’ve been sent some great photos by Hugh Nightingale of the weekend. For those of you who have been following my blogs you will know that I was performing at Tenterden for the Kent and East Sussex Railway and what a fantastic event it was too!
This weekend was the launch of my new character Evette the Spivette and thank-you every-one for your great feedback. A lot of work has gone into the music and charcter and I’m looking forward to developing her further. I see great patential in Evette and I already have some supper bookings lined up for her this year and next.
Some Spivs hate compertion particuly when it’s a woman and dare I say it Evette might have ruffled a few feathers with one in particular. Not mentioning any names he thought it might be funny to try and hold me and get me hand cuffed. I wasn’t having that- I’m far too fit and fiesty! Needless to say he got alittle more than he bargined for and if he tries it on again he will end up in casulty! Be Warned – Don’t Do That Again! enough said!
Towmorrow I shall be down in Purfleet Essex and then I really start to get very busy with the run up to Jubilee,  D-Day and France. Toodle Pip for now and thank-you Hugh for the photos. Do keep watching!