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A Voice in a Million

Back from Sheringham

Well what a busy few days it’s been – I’m just back from performing at Sheringham’s 1940s weekend and what a great weekend it was too. It was lovely to be back as the last time I played there was back in 2007. I’d quite forgotten just what a wonderful little town Sheringham is and the railway really did them selves proud!
I do have to confess I’m feeling a little tired as I’ve done 9 shows this week and I’m looking forward to resting my voice before heading off to Middlewich, but more of that later in the week.
In the mean time just to let you know the Battle of Britain Dinner went very well at RAF Coningsby on the way up and I really hope I have the pleasure of playing there again. No shortage of dishy Officers let me tell you and every one was a joy to sing to. They enjoyed my singing so much they wanted to pay me extra to sing in the bar afterwards but sadly I couldn’t take up their offer as I knew I had to pace myself with Sheringham.
The weather this weekend has been fantastic and the atnospher on the station platform was just great. I was booked to do 3 x 45 min shows daily + the Saturday night dance. Come the dance I had the pleasure of working with “Victory Bell” and what a lovely pair they are. Johnny and Francs – I so hope our paths cross again in the future as they were really professional and a joy to work with. If anyone was to ask me – the Saturday night dance was my favourite bit as we really got the platform rocking 40s style with everyone on the dance floor!
This weekend I was able to catch up with so many freinds whom I had not seen in ages including “Timescape” who had been singing at Holt during the days but who came along to my show in the evening. I was really touched as they must have been exsorsted so thank-you guys it was lovely to see you both and may I say how well you both looked!
I think it’s time I head to bed as I’m feeling very tied after all that singing and driving. A big thank-you to Stefen for doing another fabulous job for me on sound and to Chrissie who works so hard at The North Norflk Railway to put this event on. Needless to say I took Connie the Van and didn’t she drive well. It’s great having my own showmans wagon!
Tomorrow I must crack on and answer all my e-mails as I have many to catch up on!
Toodle Pip, Keep Watching and Bye for Now!