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Back from Normandy and Utah!

Me at Utah Beach!

Thank-you every-one for your many e-mails and phone calls. As you can see I’m not long back from Normandy and I promise to answer you all in the next day or two. Dispite getting back to the UK on Monday night it’s been pritty much non stop. I had a morning show today and I’m booked to do shows the rest of this week but then I do like to be busy!
Well it’s been a fantastic weekend as I’ve been singing at the Utah Beach Museum. It was the first time I had been out to France on my own as I usaly have a sound engineer and driver with me. I confess I was a little scared about driving on the right but I have rather enjoyed the challange of it all!

Me at Utah Beach Museum

The diving was the easy part compered to the crossing as I was very unwell. I made the mistake of thinking I could eat on broard ship. Wong! I couldn’t keep anything down which then effected my sugar levels which made me really ill. It wasn’t until we pulled into port that I was able to eat something and I then had to wait for my sugar to rise before it was safe for me to drive again. It can be such a pain being a diabetic sometimes – needless to say I was the last one to leave the ship!
This weekend I was booked to sing 20 mins on and 20mins off. Saturday was a bit of a special day as it’s where museums throw open their doors in the evening and the public can come in for free.

Me with the B26

 I was entertaining at The Utah Beach Museum next to their B26 aircraft from 11am to 11pm. Although quiet in the morning come the evening we became quite busy. But if you know anything about the French way of life you will know everything stops for lunch. Lunch always takes at least two hours so I went over to the Le Roosevelt Resturant which is decked out in 1940s memribila. I was really thrilled to meet up with my friends Adrian and Karen who had driven over from Arromanches to see me espesicaly. It was lovely to see you both and fingers crossed for the 70th! This year I wont be in Arromanches on the 6th June as I’m booked to sing on the Themes. But I am open to offers for next year. The first person to my door with a sensible offer for the 6th June gets me so if there is any-one outh there intrested in booking me do check out my web-site and it would be wonderful to hear from you.

 Le Roosevelt Resturant

Ofcourse once I had finnished working at Utah I spent Monday morning doing alittle sight seeing in Sainte Marie Eglise. I have posted up some of my snap shots on my face book page so do take a look
While I was there I went into a wonderful militaria shop called Andrew Butler Insignia at 16 Bis Rue Gal De Gaulle. Andrew has some fantastic WW2 items and I rather treated myself to a new 1940s US uniform. WAC this time as I already have WAVES so I’m very pleased with my buy. I shall be keeping my eyes pealed for the other bits to go with it but then its the looking and finding the items which makes it all such fun. Do check out Andrew’s web-site His shop is great so if you happen to be in Sainte Marie Eglise this season do call in and take a look.
Well it’s late and I must get to bed as I have an early show tomorrow. Before I forget I must thank Carol at Aces High for all her help at the Utah Beach Museum and to all the staff too for making me feel so welcome. Heres to the next time! Thank-you every-one Toodle Pip!