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Back from London and Steam Punk!

Today I had to be down in Edgeware as I had an apointment with my Dentist. It’s a long story how I ended up in Edgeware when it comes to Dentist but one of the reasons I never changed is because there is the most wonderful fabric shop and I always like to make a bit of a day out of it. My appointment was at 12 which is a bit of a funny time as it eats into my lunch, but I made a point of going early so I could look round the shop first. I’ve been thinking alot about Steam Punk of late and I have to say I’m rather inspired. I know I shouldn’t say this but the 40s sceen is starting to get a little tired and I’m longing to do something a little more creative musicaly and visuly.  Being at Kew Bridge Steam Museum the other month did rather inspire me and I have been thinking about how I can produce something new. I’ve been looking at Victorian fashion and how I can put my own Steam Punk twist on it. Up to now I’ve always recreated historical periods excatly but steam punk would enable me to go back to my design roots.
Oh don’t worry I’m not going to go all werid on you all quite yet but I am looking for a new sound and I think I know just how to do it – so watch this space as I work on something musical exciting for the future!
I can spend hours looking at fabrics and the anoying thing was my dentist was running late so I could have spent another 20 minutes in the shop before getting to the dentist. However afterwards I needed to eat so I treated myself to lunch in town and spent the time doodling dresses and costumes.What I did see today was the most beautiful cream satin and when it moved it did so like water. Quite, quite lovely what a dress that would make wow!
On my way home I called into “Home and Colonial” a wonderful antique shop in Berkhamsted. I’m really thrilled because I was able to pick up some vintage petersham and hand made Victorian buttons which will go with one of my Victorian costumes I’m working on. I’ve got a design in my head which I want to make happen inspired by a Marie Lloyd costume.
Well tomorrow is Saturday and I must get on with my paper work. I have some great shows booked in for next year and I must do my contracts and tie up all those loose ends.
Keep Watching Toodle Pip!