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Back from Dudley & Off To The Warwick Vintage Carnival!

Stepping Out in Dudley at the BCLM!

I’m afraid it’s just a very quick blog tonight as I’m getting ready to head off to Warwick tomorrow morning to attend the Vintage Carnival. I’ve been extremely busy these last few weeks and I’m looking forward to having a little down time to potter about and maybe buy something special at the Vintage Market. I’ve a number of vintage events to perform at over the next couple of months and I’ve been working closely with my dress maker Judi to see everything is fitting right and we are all good to go.

I have a number of dresses in production at the

The Black Country Living Museum!

moment and I’ve also been busy with my needle making hats so when I step out on stage everything will match and look perfect. One of my favorite past times is browsing Etsy and I’ve just treated myself to a new look late 1940s early 50s hat which is coming to me all the way from America. I’m looking forward to wearing it this August at Stonehurst Farm’s 1940s event and afterwards I will be staying on to do a photo shoot. I will tell you more about that a little closer to the time so in the mean-time keep following my pages.

The Museums Famous Radio Shop!

This week I’ve been out and about attending meetings and I’ve been booked by The Poplars Garden Center in Toddington to perform for a special afternoon vintage tea on the 23rd August. I will be performing a mixture of songs from the 1930s, 40s & 50s and I’m looking forward to the event very much. It’s the first time the garden center has done something like this so we are all hoping it will be a great success.

I was also up in Dudley last Wednesday tying up all the loose ends for the Black Country Living Museum’s 1940s event which will be taking place on the 9th & 10th July. I was last there in December performing for their Christmas Nights and I’m really looking forward to performing the 1940s for them. I can confirm I will be performing on The Park Stage and my shows for the weekend are as follows:-

Meeting Up with David in the Motor Bike Shop!

Saturday 9th July – 11.30am ATS “We’ll Meet Again” 1.30pm 40s Hollywood Glamour “Stage and Screen” 3.30pm US WAC “GI Jive” 8.15pm Evening Dance “In the Mood”

Sunday 10th July – 11.30am Wrens “The Fleets in Port Again”, 1.30pm Hollywood Glamour “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree” 3.30pm WAAF “Straighten Up and Fly Right”

If you can make it along it will be delightful to see you and this time I will be working along side the D-Day Darlings who I’ve had the pleasure of

All Set for Next Weekend!

working with a couple of times before. For more information about booking please click the link below

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