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A Voice in a Million

Back from Colchester and me all Julie Andrews!

Me in Full Song!

 It really has been a wonderful weekend and I’m just back from singing for a 1940s event at The East Anglian Railway Museum in Colchester. I know the organisers had been really worried as so many of their Volunteers had been taken ill but in the true spirit of the Theatre the show must go on and what a great event it turned out to be too. It was my first visit to Colchester and being a new event I was really looking forward to it and what a fab location the museum is. I’m always looking for good locations for photo shoots and in the goods shed where I was performing they had some beautiful Victorian Railway carriages. I’ve just recently bought myself a Victorian out fit so naturally it did rather set my mind working. Mind you I’m already booked to do a 1920s and 30s photo shoot later this month at a Stately home but I do feel very inspired!

I’m already booked to return to the Museum in September for a 1940s themed Wedding and what a great venue the goods shed makes as it is acoustically perfect. The museum is very forward thinking and they have already set their 1940s dates for next year. They are also thinking of holding a WW1 event so I hope that comes off as I’ve been investing in my WW1 act in prep for the centenary for next year!
On this occasion I wasn’t working alone I had booked sound engineer Stefen Challis who I have worked with many times before and who is just brillant at his job. I have booked Stefen to do sound for me at Chatham this year and he will be working the Spitfire Stage with me as I’m also booked to compere with Maddy Brown. So another 1940s event I’m looking forward to singing at very much.
Back to Colchester and the East Anglian Railway Museum I was booked to perform 3 x 45 minute shows daily. Over the course of the weekend I did ATS, WRNS, WAAF, “Stars and Stripes” my “Hooray for Hollywood” show and an American Glamour Swing show all of which went down really well. While I was there I met up with Bev and Richard who do 1940s talks and they had put together a wonderful display of War time sewing memorabilia.  I also met another gentleman who brought along his display of model trains each one he had made from match sticks. Hours and hours of work and it was fascinating to look at them all.

A train made from match-sticks

The Museum also had a double decker bus running which took us on a tour around the village and after my “Stars and Stripes” show I was pleased to have a ride. So often when I am singing at these events I don’t get the chance to go on the attractions. So a big thank-you to every-one at the museum for making it such a success especially Nigel, Michelle, Jaki and Mark. So here’s to the next one! I must also say a big thank-you to John Coates who has very kindly sent me his photos from the weekend. Sadly I forgot to charge the battery in my camera so I wasn’t able to take any photos myself so John has very kindly sent me his instead. So do check out my face book page where you can see many more and thank-you John for letting me use yours.  Great shots! 😉

On the Bus with Mark!
Today I have been with Rachel my web-designer and it wont be long before you can see my new FAQ page on my web-site. All being well that should be up-loaded by tomorrow evening. I’m really pleased with the way the page is looking as it answers all those little questions I’m constantly being e-mailed about – so it should make things so much easier for every-one. We also up loaded my new Sound of Music video today. It’s me being ever-so Julie Andrews in Aspley Guise as I didn’t have the budget for Austria so if you get the chance do take a look. You can find the film by clicking onto my You Tube channel on my web-site or by going onto my face book page so enjoy!
Tomorrow I’m with my accountant bright and early so I must get a good nights sleep.
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