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Back from Chichester & My New Showreel!

Chichester Cathedral!

I’ve just returned home from a week away performing a series of shows in and around the Chichester area. March marks the beginning of Spring and it’s good to get away from the office after spending so much of the early part of 2024 e-mailing clients. The world is in flux and it’s going to be a tough year. Sadly so many of the venues which were flurising before the pandemic have since closed and I can feel a change in the air.

However despite all this unsurety I’m thrilled to announce the launch of my new show-reel. For those of you who follow me may remember back in January I went up to Manchester to film at Streetstar Studios It was a wonderful opportunity and I really enjoyed working with a new set of people which is often the best way to find inspiration. My showreel was a year in the planning and it’s great to see it now, it’s finished. I’m very proud of it and it’s already generating a lot of interest on

Between Shows in Emsworth!

line which I hope will attract a new set of clients moving forward.

I owe a big thank-you to Dom Sabine and his Streetstar team who made my vision a reality. You were all terrific!

To see my showreel just click the link below  – Enjoy Watching!

Inside the Lady Chapel!

I confess I’m currently looking for a new musical adventure and it was fun to include some Postmodern in my showreel. This is just one of three videos I made while I was up in Manchester and later this week I will be launching my next video which is “Puppet on a String”. A classic Sandie Shaw number from the 1960s. It was only ever my intention to feature it in my main showreel but as I was having such a good time at Streetstar I decided to record the song in it’s entirety – So keep watching this space and I will keep you posted!

The Piper Tapestry at the High Altar!

It’s good to work different areas and while I was down in Chichester it gave me time to think. I had shows which took me along the coast to Lyndhurst and up to Pulborough. I’m always working but on this occasion I made a conscious effort to walk into Chichester every day and to take some time out to visit the cathedral and museum. The museum mostly focuses on Chichester’s Roman history although on this occasion they did have a special visiting Starwars exhibition. A must see for Sci-fi fans.

Roman Style Helmets at the Museum!

Personally I loved the Cathedral best. It’s very impressive and dates back to 1108 when the seat of the bishop was moved from Selsey. The Cathedral has fine architecture in the Norman and Gothic styles, and has been described by the architectural critic Ian Nairn as “the most typical English Cathedral”. However despite this, Chichester has two architectural features that are unique among England’s medieval cathedrals, a free-standing medieval bell tower (or campanile) and double aisles. The cathedral contains two rare medieval sculptures, and many modern art works including tapestries, and the Marc Chagall stained glass window which was installed in 1978.

The famous Chagall Window!

While I was there I visited the cathedral twice and sat quietly in the Lady Chapel  which is set aside for prayer and quite Contemplation. I particularly liked the Piper Tapestry which is located at the High Alter. I shall leave you with a few of my favourite photos taken while I was in Chichester.

It’s been a busy couple of weeks with International Women’s Day, Mothers Day and St Patricks Day coming up this Sunday. Tomorrow I have a Pearly Queen show to perform in Hemel Hempstead and then it’s full steam ahead for Easter.

Keep Following Toodle Pip and Bye for Now!