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A Voice in a Million

Back from Bushey and the 1940s!

Joe Marling and all the Re-enacters with their Vehicles!

For those of you who joined us last weekend for The 40s Family Experience you will know just what a fantastic weekend it was too! Despite it being April and a few showers on the Saturday the sun shone for us most of the day on Sunday and we had lots of people through the gate so thank-you to every-one who came along. All the proceeds are going to the Lincolnsfieds Childrens Charity so thank-you for surporting us and for making the event so special!
If you have been following my blogs you will know I was booked to do 3 x 45 minute shows daily plus I did a 60 minute Lindy Hop set at the Saturday night dance.  Josh Jones was working with me as my sound engineer who did a really fantastic job. So thank-you ever-so Josh it was wonderful to work with you as I couldn’t have done it with-out you! It was Josh’s first experience of a 1940s event so I don’t know what he made of us all – but then dressing up and singing songs from different historical periods is quite normal to me and seeing people dresed like-wise is also normal! I don’t do present day or modern. Most of the stuff in my wardrope is at least 70 years old!

Me shopping between shows!

Ofcourse I can’t do a 1940s event  with-out taking some time out to look around the stalls and it was lovely to see Martin again with his wonderful stall of American uniforms. It was from Martin I bought my US WAVES uniform as pictured and I have to say it’s one of my most popular shows – but then it does have some great music in it!
Thank-you evey-one for your e-mails as it’s wonderful to get your feed back and don’t forget you can order CDs by going straight to my web-site at I’m so pleased you  enjoyed my Evette the Spivette show. It was the first time I had performed her at Bushey and I do enjoy playing her very much. It seems women and men alike love her sassyness and well I just love wearing the shoes as they give me that Evette wiggle which I based on Marilyn Monroe! Evette the Spivette has lots of pertential so watch this space as I look forward to developing her further. I know quite a few of you said you would like to buy your black market gear from Evette but perhaps I should point out Evette the Spivette is a stage act rather than a promanard entertainer but who knows – selling girly gear from a case might be fun after all to quote a line from my show. “I’m a Spivette like no-other and I know what Women Want”!

Derek Addison and I outside the museum!

I have lots of plans for the future and I’m looking to do some fresh photo shoots in the next few months. So I exspect you are all looking forward to seeing some new shots as social media is a hungry beast which has to be fed. Some of my photos will be shot on location and some will be done in a studio. So watch this space as I keep you posted. I have some great new outfits I would like to have recorded.
Before I forget I big thank-you to Joe Marling who brought over 12 Military Vehicles to Bushey on Sunday and to Derek Addison who showed me around the American Museum. I really enjoyed the singing firemen and Mels Belles who performed at the Saturday Night’s dance and not forgetting Mike and Mel and Tim and Christine who joined me for my 3.30pm Lindy Hop show each day. Ofcourse we mustn’t forget Phil Knight who organised the whole thing and for whom should be very proud as the 40s Family Experience was agreat success. Well done Phil!
Tomorrow I shall be performing my 1920s and 30s “Putting on the Ritz” show in Biggleswade and I still have much I must do before bed.
Thanks for following – Keep Watching and Toodle Pip for Now!