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Back from Beautiful Bath and Onward to Bournemouth!

Me at Royal Crescent

Hello everyone and what a great week it has been. I’m just back from having a wonderful holiday in Bath – Yes a holiday! It’s been so long since I’ve had a proper holiday that is to say time out where I haven’t had to do any paper work or sing that I had forgotten what the word meant. I have rather been making the most of it sight seeing although it did rather entail going from restaurant to tea room so I made sure I went out for a good run this morning!
It’s quite rare for me to have a run of dates where I don’t have any shows but as it was my birthday last week it was a treat to get away.

Me taking about Roman Make-up at the Baths!

There is so much to see in Bath and one of my first port of calls was the Pump Rooms and the Roman Baths. While I was there I met up with a lady dressed up in Roman costume who told me all about how the Roman women made and applied their make-up – long before the days of Boots and Superdrug! There’s quite a bit to it. It’s so easy these days to slap on a bit of eye shadow and lip stick, not then everything had to be ground up and applied!
Bath is quite the place for costume so I felt quite at home there. I’ve always loved Jane Austen and Regency fashion so two other places I just had to visit was the Jane Austen Centre and the Bath Costume Museum. I even managed to be photographed with a portrait of Mr Darcy who looked ever-so like Colin Firth but then he was the best Darcy ever swoon swoon! I sometimes think that maybe Jane Austen may be more of a female thing. After I had finished the tour and looking round the centre I popped into the shop only to over hear a chap as he came in through the door with his wife and daughter say “What are we doing here?” His face was a picture of confusion of how did I end up here and why am I here?

Regency Fashion!

Like I say sometimes men just don’t get it! I did laugh to myself!

Me with Mr Darcy at The Regency Tea Room

While I was on holiday I also made a point to have tea at the Pump Rooms and to have a swish in the Assembly Rooms when no-one was looking. I can be very naughty but then I love to dance and when I see a large empty floor I can’t resit a bit of a swish! I also visited Wells Cathedral and if you click through to my facebook pages you can see lots more of my photos so if you get the chance do take a look
I’m back to work tomorrow with a “Magic of the Musicals” show booked for the Middlesex New Synagogue and then I’m off down to Bournemouth with my friend Kim as I play for Saga holidays. Kim is working with me as my sound engineer so I’m looking forward to working with Kim very much and having a good girly natter on the way.
Well I have lots of e-mails to catch up on so I shall call it a night blog wise. Thanks for following and do check out my photos. Toodle Pip and Bye for Now!