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ATS Hednas and Gym Slips

It’s been a great weekend one way and another and I just thought I would quickly do my blog before settling down to watch Downton Abbey at 9pm. I’ve had a run on “We’ll Meet Again” ATS shows this week and Saturday I was down in Ealing performing for the Number One Club. As soon as I finnished my show I dashed up the M1 and headed for Hedna’s Vintage Night Club in Wavendon. Unforchatly I didn’t have time to change as Hedna’s is renowned for being very glamorous, however even though I was in uniform I didn’t look too out of place thank goodness. It was my first time there and what a great place Hedna’s is. It’s only very small but very friendly and it was lovely to meet up with Martin and Lesley. Although I didn’t get there until gone ten I caught the second set of the 3 belles singing group who were great and their lovely host and compere Simon. Both were a joy to watch and listen to and I can’t wait for the next one. So I’ve already bought tickets for the 8th December. I’ve sold 33 dates for December as it is but on the 8th I just have an afternoon show so I’m looking forward to taking a break, getting dressed up and being entertained. What a treat that will be!
Today I have been down in Hammersmith attending the Vintage Fashion fair – which to my mind is one of the most amazing places to be and a must for anyone who loves Vintage fashion. I’ve been so busy of late that this was the first time I had been for a whole year and in some ways was my little Birthday treat to me. I find it a grate place for insperation and I get lots of idears for costumes just by looking at fabrics and trimming and not forgetting the vintage dresses ofcourse. Today I bought some lovely wide silk bonnet ribbon and a orstrage feather. I want to make a Victorian bonnet to go with one of my costumes and then I come across a 1940s 50s girls gym slip. We’ll when I tried it on I couldn’t belive how stylish it looked so I thought I must have that. I’ve always loved pinafores and I shall have fun putting together an outfit to go with it. Oh I also bought a fabulous 1930s felt hat too. All the items I bought today were brown funny enough but all very stylish! Toodle Pip and do Keep Watching!