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Antique Road Trip and Photos!

Today I was performing my 1940s “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree” show in Berkhamstead. Afterwards I poped into one of my favourite Antique centres “Home and Colonial” only to bump into David Barby and the filming of “Antique Road Trip” I love all those antique programs and we did have a bit of a chat. I don’t think David could quite get over my hair as I had it in a snood and rolled up in the front 1940s style. I told him I grew it myself only I think he thought it might have been a wig! Why do people think that?
A very lovely man with twinkley eyes who clearly loves and appricates vintage fashion – so it was a plesuare to meet him and have a natter!
Today I treated myself to some 1950s earings and a pair of white cotton gloves from Shu Shu another wonderful shop. I bought a hat from them the other day 1930s style and their shoes are just wonderful. That’s where my black and white Evette the Spivette shoes came from – from their other branch in Wendover. I’m a girl who knows where all the best shops and Antique centres are!
I owe a big thank-you to Dave and Bee Jackson who have just sent me their disk from  our photo shoot at  Sywell with the Red Barron plane. Do click through to my facebook pages and I shall post some of the photos up for you to see. Thanks for dropping in and do keep watching!
Bye for now!