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An Inbetweeny, A Weekend of Parties and Ballet in the Hairdresses!

Getting Ready for the Weekend!

Getting Ready for the Weekend!

Ballet in the Hair dresses!

Ballet in the Hair dresses!

I know I promised you the third part to my Gretna Green tour this evening but since returning home I’ve been so busy catching up I thought I had rather neglected to tell you what was coming up this weekend – hence this inbetweeny blog. I confess I was so tired last night writing up my Willington Hall and Tarporley blog I had to pinch myself to stay awake which wont do! I had wanted to write more about the history as I loved it there only ran out of steam last night and needed to go to bed.

Since returning home I’ve had shows all this week and a very full mail box of e-mails to go through – I’m pleased to say I’m catching up and I know so many of you enjoy looking out for my blogs and following my career. In fact speaking of which I will be returning to France on the 15th Sept for a week and also in November with allsorts of lovely jobs inbetween. September is going to be another busy month with so much to do before I set sail. It had been my plan to launch my vintage magazine this month but it looks like it’s going to be October. I’m going to be out a fair bit this month so not around in the office to do those finishing touches although I’m very pleased with the way the magazine is coming along so far.

This weekend I have 3 shows to do. A Pearly Queen show tomorrow afternoon and then a double bill of music at St Mary’s Church, Eaton Bray on Friday evening 4th September. I’ve been booked to perform the “Magic of the Musicals” for the first half and finnish with “We’ll Meet Again” which reminds me I must check my brasses and give my shoes a polish. It’s a fundraiser for the church so if you would like tickets please contact Sheila Banks on 01525 221556. On Saturday evening I’m performing the music of the 1940s for a private party in Leighton Buzzard so it’s all go and I still need to check through my show plans. Next week I have a run of WAAF shows with the run up to the Battle of Britain and then I’m off to Goodwood on Friday before sailing over to Normandy. Busy busy!

Over the weekend I shall write-up part three and tell you all about my Grenta Green WW1 tour and the “Pack up Your Troubles” event. Speaking of which I was out and about in Aylesbury today performing my WW1 show. I was booked to perform at St Leonards and all the residents really enjoyed the songs. For many years these tunes had fallen from favour in preference to the 40s. It’s lovely to bring them out again as everyone knows them and they make for a refreshing change. This morning I was in the hairdressers having my roots done in prep for this weekend and the shows I have scheduled. I feel with all the travelling I’ve been doing of late I’ve spent far too much time sitting down. Inbetween having my roots done and manicure I needed a stretch so enjoyed doing a bit of Ballet before having my hair washed – So very Fiona.

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