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All Go at Great Central Railway!

Me with Barrington!

 It’s been a full action packed 1940s event this weekend at Great Central Railway. This year I was booked to work the American end with wonderful trumpert player and showman Ricky Hunter at Greenacres. Between us we put on some fantastic shows and dispite being a new venue we were busy. This year GCR pulled out all the stops and they had a great line up of artists performing at every station along the line each one representing a different theme

On Stage with Ricky Hunter!

This weekend I performed six raza matazy shows each one in different costume plus a fast Lindy show on the Saturday night at Quorn. My friend Madeline Brown was running the Quorn stage and by the evening they had another great friend of mine D J Woody spinning the disks. Between us we really had Quorn rocking and I can’t wait to work with Maddie again when we run a stage together at Chatham later this year.
As with any great 1940s event I always try and have alook at the stalls if I can between shows and at Greenacers we did have some good ones. I also managed to make it along to Quorn on the Friday afternoon and I was able to visit Seal Military. As many of you will already know I bought a US WAC uniform when I was out in France a few weeks ago and I needed to get a few bits for it. When it comes to Military insigna its such a mine field but when I go out in uniform I like to get things just right. To be honest I had no idear just how thick the fabric for “Pinks” was including the shirt which matches the shirt exactly. But then if a job is worth doing it’s worth doing right! So watch this space – when I get the uniform together I will have it photographed and then share my photos with you all. In the mean time I hope you enjoy my snap shot phots from the weekend in a few of my different costumes. A big thankyou to Christine for inviting me and to Lesley who was incharge of Greenacres.Ofcourse I mustn’t forget  Mike and Dorthy who put me up so I hope I wasn’t too much trouble. Greenacres although very modern is great location and I can see this sights pertential. Perhaps in hind sight my shows were perhaps a little too full on and Raza Matazy for a resturant setting. But when you are advertised and contracted to do particular type of show -you have to deliver that show. By the end I through my show plan out of the window and went with some gentle background music. I even did the unexspected and finished with Lakme’ how’s that for different!
Thankyou to every-one who came to see me and it was lovely to see you Barrington. Don’t we look smart in the photo!
Talking of photos I’m so pleased you have been enjoying my shots I posted up the other day from my studio shoot. I will be posting up a few more this week so do keep watching!
I have a very busy week planned. I’m filming on Wednesday and then working on the show reel edits on Thursday so I hope to have some new videos for you to see very soon. I’m also doing my very first singing workshop on Friday or at least trying it out on my womens group so much to do.
I really must get to bed now. Thank-you for following my news Toodle Pip and bye for now!

Between Shows in blue gingham!
Me in my “Stars and Stripes” costume!