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A Day at Shuttleworth!

Out and about at Shuttleworth!

 Today I have been out and about at Old Warden Park in Bedfordshire looking at the Shuttleworth Collection. Next week I’m booked to sing as part of their Flying Proms concert so it’s an event I’m looking forward to performing at very much. Today I was invited by the events organiser for a  guided tour around the museum and what a wonderful museum it is too. I have posted up my photos on my facebook page so do take a look by clicking onto the link
I’ve also posted up a link to the museum collection too.

Me with a 1937 Railton!

If you click on the link and events you can read up about next Saturday’s concert. I shall be on at 6.30pm with my WAAF show and then back on at 8pm with songs from the 1940s and 50s. They will have vintage aeroplanes flying while the National Symphony Orchestra play and a firework finale. So a great night and it’s one of those events where you bring a picnic too so I can’t wait.
Today was great fun looking around the museum and I did rather fall in love with this 1937 Railton. I’m on the look-out for a beautiful 1920s 30s car for a photo shoot and I think this Railton might be just what I’m looking for – so food for thought.

Me at Shuttleworth!

The wonderful thing about Shuttleworth is they have carriages, cars and planes from about 1870 to 1960s which is a little like me and the music I perform. The organisers have already asked me to perform for their World War One event next year so I have a feeling next year is going to be a very exciting year for me. With so many anniversaries taking place my diary is filling up and I’ve already been booked for a couple of WW1 events already.
This weekend I’m enjoying some time out but I still have loads of paper work to do and I must sit down and do some sewing tonight. All those little sewing jobs I’ve been meaning to get on with but haven’t quite found the time for.
On that note I shall sign off and get my needle out. Thank-you for following have a wonderful weekend and Toodle Pip!