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Wayward Fabrics From the Seaside to Woldingham!

Paul and I in Hastings!

Paul and I in Hastings!

Hello every-one I’ve just got back from a wonderful weekend away staying in Bexhill and as you might imagine I’m in a bit of a dash tonight to get an early night – I have a busy week a head with much to do and plan for. Paul and I have been out and about enjoying the sea air and the old town of Hastings. We’ve been busy visiting all the retro fashion and vintage fabric shops and on this occasion we were able to make it along to St Leonards too. I love St Leonards and Norman Road, especially the vintage fabric shop “Wayward”. It’s all a little bit higgledy picagaldy but it’s that which makes the shop so charming. I would

Shopping for Fabrics at Wayward's

Shopping for Fabrics at Wayward’s

hate it to be all tidy as the fun is in the rummaging and sure enough one always leaves with something amazing. On this occasion I was able to pick up some wonderful antique velvet and grey suiting. I fancy a new trouser and waist coat suit in grey to go with my Peaky Blinders cap although my evening gowns might have to take priority at the moment. I have quite a few formal events to attend this coming season and it’s important to look well turned out. Still these things will keep and I’ve learnt from experience it’s always best to buy vintage pieces as and when you see them. I’m keen to sport the Peaky Blinders look this winter for my every day although I promise my cap will be free of razor blades! I’ve always liked gentleman’s tailoring and I often like to mix my 40s wide leg trousers with 1940s knitwear. I’m umming and areing over a pair of black and white correspondence shoes for day. I do have a couple of pairs for the stage but a harder wearing pair would be good for everyday!

Shopping for Vintage in Hastings!

Shopping for Vintage in Hastings!

This weekend has been something of a treat as Paul and I celebrated our Birthdays on the south coast. Thank-you every-one for your lovely cards and kind gifts. For Paul’s Birthday I bought him a pale yellow sports jacket from Goodwood and Paul very kindly bought me a Bliz Knits 1940s sweater. Ofcourse I felt it necessary to borrow Paul’s cap on the Sunday as I showed off my new sweater! I just adore hats! 😉

I dashed back this evening so I could be in the gym for 7pm with my trainer Elliot. I’m back in tomorrow at 10am and again on Wednesday. I also have shows all this week with a Saturday night show booked in at Woldingham Golf Club so Busy busy!

In My New Sweater and Paul,s Cap!

In My New Sweater and Paul,s Cap!

That’s all my news for now but in the mean time do click-through to my Facebook page where you can see photos from this weekend.

Keep Watching and Toodle Pip!

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