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How to do the Gatsby Look!

Doing the Gatsby Look at Earsham Hall!

Doing the Gatsby Look at Earsham Hall!

Off to a Party 1920s Style!

Off to a Party 1920s Style!

It’s just a quick blog tonight as I’ve been sorting out all my bits and pieces for this week and my Tuesday trip to Yorkshire. Fingers crossed we don’t get any snow! Many thanks for all your feed back on my last blog on how to get that vintage look with a modern twist. I’m pleased so many of you enjoyed reading it. Since writing that one a lady came up to me and asked if I had any advice on what she should wear to a Gatsby Party? That’s easy – Gatsby is all about the 1920s and the Jazz age, so think flappers, long beads and dropped waisted dresses. The perfect shoe is one which buttons across with a Louis heel or  T-strap. The T-strap style continued to be fashionable long into the 1930s  and if you go on-line and look at modern Ballroom and Latin American dance shoes you can often find just the right thing. Dresses of this period very often heavily beaded but if you  take a modern straight shift dress and accessories it with long gloves, a head band worn across the foe head you can archive that Gatsby look!

Well must dash as I have so much to do. In the mean time enjoy the photos of me doing the Gatsby look at Earsham Hall which I hope will give you some ideas

Keep Watching Toodle Pip and Bye for Now!

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