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A Voice in a Million

Singing for the 21st Signal Regiment’s WW1 Summer Ball & Off to Pickering!

On Stage with the Royal Artillery Band!

It’s official – the UK is in the grip of a heat wave and it looks like the weather is set to stay for a while yet! In fact these last few weeks have been reminding me of my child hood and the summer of 1976 when we bought our pet tortoise “Slowly”. Thanks to my brothers careful care Slowly is still with us today wondering around the  undergrowth in the back garden.

It may be perfect weather for tortoises but it’s very much business as usual as I’ve been performing in all sorts of period costumes and last weekend was no exception as Paul and I had the pleasure of working for the 215 Signal

Andy Potts and I Before the Show!

Squadron, 21st Signal Regiment at Azimghur Barracks over at North Colerne. I had been invited to sing for the WOs and Sgts Mess Summer Ball which this year had a WW1 theme to commemorate the centenary. The Ball took place out-side the Sargent’s Mess and we couldn’t have wished for better weather. So much effort and thought had gone into the set up which included a stage, a trench  and lots of covered areas for the guests to sit and enjoy dinner which was served in a mess tin along with a special tin poppy mug which had been made especially for the occasion.

I had been engaged to perform during dinner a straight through 1 hour and 20 minutes which couldn’t have worked better as it meant Paul and I were able to enjoy the rest of the evening once we had finished our set. Two other bands had been booked for the Ball. The Royal Artillery Band who played a super selection of tunes from Glenn Miller to “Coming

Meet the Billing!

Home” to tie in with England’s World Cup Saturday night victory and “Touch”. A talented rock band who played through to the early hours of the morning. Touch performed a number of their own compositions including the catchy number “Touch my Balls” which seemed to go down very well with the Signal Regiment as members of the audience won T-shirts. I confess I didn’t see what the prizes were for as I was busy packing away my own equipment at the time but put it this way every-one seemed to be having a jolly good time.

Paul Enjoying the Army Food!

Paul Emulating Mercury the 21 Signal’s Badge!

At 10.30pm the mess staged a firework display which was superb as Paul and I danced the night away after first enjoying some of the armies food. The evening had been arranged by SSgt Andy Potts who put together a fantastic evening and made us all so very welcome. Both the band Touch and Paul and I stayed on site in the barracks as we were treated to breakfast the next morning.

Shopping at Bicester Village!

This week I will be performing a combination of “A Song for Summer” and “Swinging 50s and 60s” shows so lets hope this great weather continues. This Saturday I have a garden party in the village of Stokenchurch and then I will be travelling afterwards straight up to Yorkshire to perform for Pickering’s 1960 weekend. So do pop along to see me if you happen to be in Pickering on Sunday 15th July. I will be on stage at 11am and 3.15pm performing 2 x 45 minute sets.

That’s all my news for now other than when I traveled back from Azimghur Barracks I popped into Bicester Village where they have all the designer shops to do a spot of shopping. I love a bargain!

Keep Following and Toodle Pip! 😉

Colchester Town Hall, Lavenham & the Sargent’s Mess Ball!

Out-side the Crooked House Lavenham!

Paul Doing His Thing!

I’m sorry to say I’m going to have to start my blog tonight with an apology. Paul and I have just come back from a full action packed weekend which started off at the Town Hall in Colchester only to find I had left my camera behind in my other hand bag. Drat! So as you might expect I’m a little short of photos this time around. We were able to take a few on our mobile phones but for some unexplained technical reason Paul hasn’t been able to e-mail his photos across to me. Who knows where in cyber space they have ended up but they never made it to my in box. I just have a few shots from Sunday’s show in Lavenham so I’m afraid you will have to rely on my words rather than pictures for this installment.

On Friday Paul and I set off in the heat to Colchester and as you might expect the journey was horrendous. We were both delayed in traffic on the M25 and A12 and neither of us arrived before 5pm. We had been booked to perform for a 1940s Wedding at Colchester town hall on Saturday from 1pm though to 10pm which involved a varied program from Paul and myself. I had been booked to sing during the service as the bride had requested three songs two of which I had commissioned especially for the occasion “Long ago and Far Away” and “I’ll be with you in Apple Blossom Time” which the bride wanted to walk down the isle to. Once again Richard had done me proud with the musical arrangements and then after the service it was all change from the Grand Jury room to Moot Hall for the reception.

The Crooked House Munnings Tea Room!

We had been engaged to perform 3 x 60 minute sets over the course of the afternoon and evening while our friend Dave Dawes played wonderful songs from the 1940s in-between our musical sets. I’m sorry I don’t have any photos to show you of just how beautiful Colchester Town Hall is as its a Victorian architectural delight.  Moot Hall has no shortage of splendor with it’s Corinthian columns and behind where we performed on the stage was the most fantastic pipe organ.

My first set had a cabaret feel as I include some well loved wartime sing along gems from the 1940s which took us up to tea. Then once every-one had had tea I performed a dance work shop and got every-one to join in with the “Lambeth Walk” and “The Palais Glide”, which despite the hot weather went down very well along with the Hokey Cokey. For our final set Paul and I performed the best of the Big Band and Swing finishing with “The White Cliffs of Dover” and “We’ll Meet Again” before handing over to Dave who played through to the end.

Our Sunday was just as busy as we shot up the road to Lavenham to play at Munnings Tearoom, The Crooked House which is one of the oldest,  if not the oldest house in Lavenham dating back to 1395. I think Sunday must have been one of the hottest days of the year because Lavenham was very quite. Paul and I sang through from 1pm – 5pm and afterwards we went for dinner with our hostess across the road to the Greyhound Pub.

Next weekend I shall be in Chippenham Wiltshire performing for the WOs and Sargent’s Mess Summer Ball music from WW1. Today and for the rest of this week I shall be out and about performing 4th July “Stars and Stripes” shows but don’t forget on the 15th July I will be up in Yorkshire. You will be able to catch me on stage at 11am and 3.15pm in Pickering performing for the towns 1960 weekend. More news on that to follow soon so keep Following


Toodle Pip and Bye for now! 😉

Milton Keynes Victorian Event, Getting Married and Off to Lavenham!

Meeting Up With Queen Victoria!

Barry – Soldier to the Queen!

I expect by now many of you have already seen my pictures on Facebook from this weekend when I sang at the Milton Keynes museum’s Victorian event. It’s always a delight to visit somewhere new and oddly enough although I only live 20 minutes away from the museum this was my first visit. I can’t think why but often when you travel as much as I do it’s all too easy to miss the very things which are right on your door step!

On this occasion I had been engaged to perform 2 x 30 minute Music Hall sets in the Hall of Transport which couldn’t have been easier. I’m usually expected to work much harder but it did at least give Paul and I the rare treat of enjoying the museum and seeing all the exhibits. I p

The Ragged Victorians!

Paul Enjoying the Museum!

articularly enjoyed looking around the house and seeing the rooms which were set out in the Victorian style. In one room I became the school mistress where in another I was allowed to play the pianola.  This reminded me of when I was a small child visiting my grandmothers house  in the days when she would let me play her piano/pianola. Paul however found amusement in looking at beautiful landscapes in what the butler saw in 3D.

What the Butler Saw!

A great deal of thought had gone into the planning of this event which had attracted some of the best re-enacters and historians in the business. Apart from myself there were a verity of talks and entertainments. The Palace of Curiosities who came with a wonderful display of oddities from the hand of Cleopatra to the head of a politician with two faces.  Graham Bandy’s  talk on Victorian military uniforms which I found extremely informative. Neil Storey’s lecture on Jack the Ripper. An equestrian re-enactment of Fanny Duberley of the Crimea War, not to mention the drilling of Queen Victoria’s Soldiers and the opportunity for ticket holders to have tea with the Queen. Although for me the re-enacters which took the prize were the Ragged Victorians who all looked suitably dirty with their bad teeth and ragged clothes. Their attention to detail was superb and are certainly the best Victorian re-enacters I’ve ever seen.

I performed two completely different sets one in my day dress with the other in my Burlington Bertie top hat and tails mixing songs from the Music Hall, Verity and Operatic stage. Whenever I do a show I always bring along a few alternative numbers and I decided on this occasion to finish my show with Nessun Dorma which earn’t me a standing ovation.

This Friday I will be heading off to Colchester Town Hall as I’ve been booked to sing for a 1940s wedding. Some of you who follow my blogs will know I was requested to perform “Long Ago and Far Away” and the bride also wants to walk down the isle to “I’ll be with you in Apple Blossom Time”. As I didn’t have these songs in my repertoire I commissioned them especially from Richard

Dressed for My Bertie Set!

my musical arranger. I’m looking forward to singing them very much and it looks like we are in for another beautiful weekend as the weather stays hot and sunny.

On Sunday Paul and I will be returning to the Crooked House, Lavenham and Munnings Tea Room. We’ve been booked to sing all day from 11am to 5pm for Munnings’s vintage day.  So if you would like to join us for high tea it would be delightful to see you and please do book a table as we expect to be extreamly busy with all this beautiful sunshine Tel 01787 249718.

Keep Following and Toodle Pip! 😉

Meeting Ripper Expert Neil Storey!

Part 3 – D-Day Tour 2018 – Bayeux to Arromanches!

Paul and I in Arromanches!

Welcome back to my final episode as I tell you about my Normandy shows. Firstly just to keep you up to date this week  it’s been hats on as I’ve been out every-day performing “A Day at the Races” style shows to tie in with Royal Ascot week. Don’t forget you can also see me this weekend at Milton Keynes museum, Mc Connell Drive MK12 5EL performing for the

The Veterans Show in Arromanches!

Out for Lunch with The Dumas Family!

Sight Seeing in Bayeux!

museums Victorian weekend. I’m booked to perform 2 x 30 minute shows daily at 11.30am and 3.30pm one glamour set and one in my top hat and tails Vesta Tilly style. So I look forward to seeing you.

Back to Normandy. On the 6th June Paul and I were called upon to sing for the veterans D-Day dinner in Arromanches. Once again this was a private affair and as the weather was still a little inclement I decided to wear my ATS uniform. Paul and I made our way into town early as we were booked to sing at the Salle des Fates. The 2018 ceremonies were very emotional as this year it was possible for individuals to lay a wreath in memory of their loved ones.

Our show wasn’t until the evening and started at 6pm. Paul and I sang as the veterans arrived and during their meal. It was lovely to see them enjoying themselves singing along and in some cases having a dance to the music after dinner. Outside the public were enjoying a 1950s rock and roll tribute band in the square while inside the Salle des Fates we delighted the veterans with the music of Vera Lynn, The Andrews Sisters, Frank Sinatra and Glenn Miller which couldn’t have gone better.

Jerome’s Book La Grande Guerre!

Visiting Port en Bessin!

By the 7th and 8th June Paul and I were looking forward to a couple of days off from performing so we decided to do some sight seeing. On the 7th we met up with our friends the Dumas’s for lunch in Bayeux. The cathedral is one of my favorite haunts and when ever I visit Normandy I always like to pay the cathedral a visit which is extremely impressive. Bayeux certainly isn’t short of museums, restaurants, cake shops and yummy tea rooms and the architecture is both inspiring and interesting to look at. While we were at lunch Jerome very kindly presented us with his latest book which is something Paul and I will both treasure.

On Friday we visited the town of Port en Bessin which is famous for it’s fabulous fish restaurants. We also spent much of the day preparing for our final show which was due to take place on the 9th June out side the 6th June museum in the center of Arromanches. We had been booked to sing for a straight through 2 hours music from the 1940s, 50s and 60s just prior to the firework display commencing at 9.30pm. All day it rained and by 4pm it started to clear up. I wasn’t too worried as I know Normandy weather of old and this year I had come prepared.

In the past I’ve had all sorts of beautiful evening dress made only to find there has been a change in the weather and I’ve not been able to wear them. This year  I wasn’t going to be caught out so I had a green coat made and lined in silk Dior style so I wouldn’t be cold and I would be protected from the elements. Just before we were due to leave I received a call from the organizer to say they had moved the show from out doors into the Salle des Fates which meant I needed to do a quick costume change. Fortunately I always carry a spare and I was able to wear my French flag dress instead as Paul and I sang through to 11.30pm.

Final Show at the Salle des Fates!

Due to the weather we were concerned that people wouldn’t be able to find us in the Salle des Fates. As we sat and had dinner the streets of Arromanches looked very quite and at one point we wondered if anyone would come to the show at all. By the 9th June most of the Normandy visitors had gone home. As it turned out neither Paul and I needed to worry, by 9.30pm the hall was packed full with local people. Standing room only as the sound and lighting crew had rigged up an out door speaker which was attracting every-one into the hall. At one point we even had dancing in the street as we moved from the 40s and performed Rock and Roll classics from the 1950s and 60s.

Perhaps not surprisingly my French songs went down very well with the audience although the song which got the most applause was my new Cilla Black song “You’re My World”, which just goes to show how things are changing!

On the Ferry Home to Portsmouth!

On Sunday 10th Paul and I were on the ferry sailing back to Blighty. We are already looking forward to next year as dates are starting to fill and there is a lot of excitement in the air about the 75th anniversary. Already much of the accommodation has been booked up and we made a point of booking our accommodation for 2019 before leaving. I’m so pleased we did as prices are going up!

That’s all my news for now Keep Following and Toodle Pip! 😉


Part 2 – D-Day Tour 2018 – Utah to Sword!

Dodging the Rain in Ste Marie du Mont!

Welcome back to my second installment as I tell you more about my D-Day tour. Oddly enough last Saturday I had the pleasure of performing for a special French evening which was held at Padbury Village Hall. The whole village had come together and the evening gave me a wonderful opportunity to sing all my French songs as I talked about my Normandy tour and included many of the songs I sang along the D-Day beaches. As it turned out that was quite a collective mix as musical tastes in France are changing especially during the commemoration period. The new D-Day trend isn’t just for songs from the 1940s but for vintage music from the 1950s and 60s as well.

Paul Singing at La Boutique du Holdy!

Speaking of Normandy my next official D-Day engagement was scheduled to take place on the 4th June in the town of Ste Marie du Mont. Ste Marie du Mont is on the main road to Utah Beach and Paul and I first had the pleasure of performing there in 2014 for the 70th anniversary. There is a beautiful church which stands right in the center of town where all the re-enacters set up camp with their American war time scenarios. In past years the weather has been fantastic but on this occasion the heavens opened and it pored down all day.

Now Paul and I aren’t the sort of people to be beaten and like the saying says “The show must always go on” what-ever the weather. We had been engaged to perform from 12.00 noon to 18.00h, 20 minutes on 20 minutes off all through the day. By the time we finished our second set it was clear the rain wasn’t going to pass as I spent the first two sets holding on for dear life to a free standing umbrella. It soon became apparent our equipment was starting to suffer so we re-located to

The Show Must Go On!

La boutique du Holdy.  This actually worked really well as people came in for lunch and stayed to hear us sing. Neither Paul and I wanted to be defeated by the weather or let our public down. We sang through regardless and it was so nice to see so many of our friends who had come along especially to see us. Afterwards we met up with our friends from Italy who joined us for dinner despite the inclement weather which as soon as it hit 6pm decided to clear up. Typical!

Of-course as they say in the movies “tomorrow is another day” and for the 5th June we were booked to perform in Benouville for the Mayors

Frank Pendergast and I!

D-Day Dinner. Paul and I traveled over early as there were lots of celebrations taking place in town at Pegasus Bridge and we wanted to soak up the D-Day atmosphere. Once again soak was the appropriate word as the 5th turned out to be another wet soggy day. I felt very concerned for the veterans as many didn’t have any proper waterproof clothing.

That afternoon Paul and I had lunch at the famous Bridge Cafe which was the first house liberated during the invasion. While we were there we met up with many veterans including Frank Pendergast who served with the 7th Battalion

Sound Checking Before the Mayors Dinner!

Parachute Regiment. We met Frank again that evening at the Mayors dinner as Paul and I sang a selection of popular war time tunes concluding with “We’ll Meet Again”. Next year Paul and I have been engaged to perform two large public concerts in Benouville. As yet we don’t know if the concerts will be taking place at the chateau or at Pegusas Bridge but keep following my pages and I will keep you posted.

Back to Blighty and just to keep you up to date with what is going on this side of the Channel. This coming weekend Paul and I will be performing at Milton Keynes museum for the

On Stage with Paul!

museum’s Victorian event. I only have 2 x 30 minute shows to perform daily so this will seem like a holiday. I’m use to working much harder. The museum have a lot of attractions from photo identification, the Palace of Curiosities and a talk on Jack the Ripper. I will be on stage in the Hall of Transport at 11.30pm and 3.30pm both days performing a verity of music from the Music Hall and Operatic stage. It will be delightful to see you.

In my next blog I will be telling you more about my 6th June shows in Arromanches as I sang for the veterans dinner in the Salle des Fates and my final performance on the 9th. In the meantime enjoy my photos on my Facebook pages.

Toodle Pip and Bye for now! 😉

Beautiful Flowers!

Part 1 – Back from My D-Day Tour 2018!

Bon Voyage!

Hello every-one and as you can see I’m back at my desk catching up with my blogs after my Normandy tour. It’s been a fantastic 10 days away and I have so much news to share with you all I hardly know where to begin. Since returning home last Monday I’ve hit the deck running. I had a mountain of e-mails and contracts to catch up with plus I’ve been out every day performing.

Firstly I’d like to start by saying happy belated birthdays to Joe and Brian. I hope you liked your presents from Normandy and thank-you Fay for your lovely letters and earrings. I particularly like the pink ones they look very vintage and I know just what I’m going to be wearing them with so thank-you.

Once again I’ve decided to split my D-Day blogs into several episodes so do keep following my social media. If you follow

In Carentan with Keith!

my pages you will know my turn around from Wales was very tight especially as I had a very busy May schedule. I always like to be well prepared and on this occasion I ended up having to do much of my  show programming out in France. This isn’t really how I like to do things although I had made sure all my play lists were typed up. In the end I just ran out of time although I always make sure I have a couple of spare shows just in case which as it happens turned out to be very useful. While we were out in Normandy Paul and I were called upon to perform two extra shows in Arromanches so it always pays to have

Before the Parade passes By!

back up variations.

My tour began on Thursday when I traveled down to Portsmouth on the 31st May as Paul and I were booked to sail first thing on the 1st June ferry. I confess I didn’t get away from Leighton Buzzard until gone 11pm after spending all day preparing and packing. I can’t begin to tell you how relived we were to get our heads down in the cabin as Paul had been dashing against the clock to get everything ready too. I so needed that rest as it’s important when you arrive you look well turned out and refreshed ready to sing any time, any place, anywhere. It had been my intention to wear

Paul and I with Miss Paramount!

a 1940s suit but on this occasion I had to make do with trousers and 40s knit wear.

We had been invited out to dinner on Friday night by our friends the Dumas’s. Their daughter goes by the stage name of Miss Paramount and apparently after she saw my show in Arromanches in 2010 she announced to her parents that she wanted to become a professional singer and she has been following that dream ever since. I feel very proud I have inspired her to sing. She is now doing very well in France and on Saturday night Miss Paramount was engaged to sing at the dance in Carentan so naturally we

Paul on Stage Doing His Thing!

were keen to see her. Paul was also invite to sing as they wanted a male singer to complement the billing.

During the day we visited Carentan and watched the parade pass by which included many of our friends from England. The 1st and 2nd of June were lovely days  as the sun shone. It’s all about being in the right place at the right time and we were also booked at the very last minute to perform in Arromanches on the Sunday afternoon. I think this had a lot to do with the glorious weather and the fact Paul Chapman

Performing ENSA Style on a Austin K2!

just happen to pull into town in his Austin K2 Lorry.

I’d met Paul some years ago back in 2004/09 when I sang in the town of Ver-sur-Mer for the 60th and 65th commemertaions. Before we knew it Paul Marsden and I were called up to jump on the back of the K2 ENSA style and preform a flash concert. This went down very well with the Mayors offices. The flash concert was something of a try out for 2019 and I look forward to seeing Paul Chapman and his K2 next year which I think is going to be used to make up the stage for the D-Day breakfast.

In show business anything can happen and this just goes to prove how important it is to always be prepared for the unexpected. As soon as I arrived in Normandy I spent the afternoon programming my shows, checking through my show plans. Sundays performance couldn’t have gone better and it

On Stage With Veteran Len Cox!

was nice to earn a little extra cash thanks to Arromanches Deputy Mayor who is a big Frank Sinatra fan. Paul is now starting to become a name in his own right and the combination of our voices is proving to be a big hit in Normandy.

Our next shows were booked for Monday and took place at Utah in the town of Ste Marie du Mont. I shall tell you more about that in my next blog along with our performances in Benouville at Pegasus Bridge for the Mayors D-Day Dinner.

I hope to get the second installment out in the next few days so keep Following and enjoy the photos.

Toodle Pip and Bye for Now! 😉

Back from Wales Mil-Fest and Off On Tour to Normandy!

On Stage with Paul at Carew!

Mil-Fest in Full Swing!

Hello every-one I’ve just got back after a fantastic weekend in Wales performing for Mil-fest  at Cheriton Control Tower, Carew in Pembrokeshire. For any-one who’s ever driven to Pembrokeshire it’s a jolly long way from Bedfordshire but well worth the drive as it’s as far as you can go along the M4 and then further still along the A40. It’s easily five hours although I confess with the bank holiday traffic on the Friday night it took me more like eight and I was very pleased when I did eventually reach my destination.

Although a long way it’s well worth the drive as Mil-fest attracts some lovely people, mostly local and it was a pleasure to see so many friendly faces from last year along with lots of new people who had heard about the event and

Meeting Up With Terence!

Enjoying the Military Vehicles!

who wanted to experience the atmosphere.  In my career I’ve played lots of large 1940s events although in many ways I prefer the smaller ones where I can use my talent to the full to do some good.

I’m able to do the singing work of  four people and for this weekend I enjoyed mixing The Best of British with Hollywood Musicals and American Swing which I performed in a combination of 1940s Glamour costumes and WW2 uniforms. It’s true it doesn’t matter how small an event might be you never know who you might meet up with in an audience. While I was at Mil-fest I met up with Terence Warner one of my postal CD customers who came along especially to see me and a musical arranger who loved and appreciated all my musical arrangements. I spend a fortune on music and I can honestly say I have the best arrangements in the business so it’s wonderful when someone remarks on the quality of my backing as these things really matter and make a show.

On this occasion Paul was able to join me in Wales as we had been booked to perform three shows on the Saturday at the control tower and then 2 x 45 minute sets for the Sunday night dance. It was my second time in Pembrokeshire having played Mil-fest for the first time last year and this year the organizers Mike and Sue decided to host a 1940s dance which attracted people from as far as fifty miles away. I think we can say a jolly good time was had by all and a big thank-you goes out to Mike and Sue who kindly put us up at their

Paul Enjoying The Control Tower Museum!

farm and every-one who came along to support this wonderful community event.

Now I’m back home I’m feeling the pressure as I head off to Normandy on Thursday and sail first thing Friday morning. I still have my costumes and show plans to sort out so to keep you up to date with my Normandy tour here is my show schedule and it will be delightful to see you if you can make it along to one of my performances.

D-Day Tour Schedule

Monday 4th June – Utah – Ste Marie du Mont

Inside the Museum!

12.00h – 18.00h US WAC Show – Singing 20 minutes on 20 minutes off all through the day out-side the church.

Tuesday 5th  June – Sword – Mayors D-Day Dinner Benouville Pegasus Bridge (Private Event) (For 2019 I have been booked by the Mayor to perform two large public shows at Pegasus Bridge for the 75th Anniversary More news on that to follow in 2019 so keep following)

Saturday 9th June – Gold – In the Mood – Arromanches 21.30h – 23.30h Songs from the 1940s,  50s and 60s performed prior to the gigantic firework display.

Paul and I with Sue and Mike at the 40s dance!

This year we have moved the musical style on a little to the 1950s and 60s for Arromanches big event on the 9th June but don’t worry I will still be performing some of the 1940s favorites and Paul will be singing too in the Sinatra style. This year Arromanches wanted to breakaway for the British “We’ll Meet Again” Veteran style of ATS show and move towards American Rock and Roll so the 9th should be a great night. I have a fantastic show planned with lots of new material I’ve not performed in France before.

This will be my last blog before Normandy and I look forward to catching up with you all when I get back after the 11th June. Keep Following and I shall keep you posted when i will have lots of lovely photographs to share with you all.

Toodle Pip and Bye for Now! 😉


Singing for the Suffrage, Royal Wedding Fever, Munnings Tea Room & Mil-fest!

Votes for Women!

Paul and I have just got back after a fantastic weekend working away. In fact so much has happen I hardly know where to begin but begin it must if I am to keep you all up to date with my travels.

It all started on Friday when we were at the National Archives in Kew for the museum’s Suffragette Event. It’s always exciting to go somewhere new and the museum which had gone to a great deal of trouble to stage this inspiring event. I had been engaged to perform 3 x 45 minute sets from 6pm through to 10pm and from the moment we arrived we knew the evening was

going to be a huge success. It attracted all sorts of people and at one point I even had the Leeds City Verities Costume designer up on stage with me performing “Hands Knees and Boomps a Daisy”. What can I say I couldn’t resist and neither could he!

Getting Ready Back Stage!

Burlington Bertie!

I’d put together three programs of music which covered Opera, Music Hall and the Variety stage although the songs which attracted the most applause and enthusiasm was “Sister Suffragette” from Mary Poppins which probably wont come as any great surprise when you take into consideration

Singing for the Happy Couple!

the nature of the event and “Nesun Dorma” where I received a standing ovation. It was a lovely event to be involved in and I hope very much I have the pleasure of singing for The National Archives in the future. After my shows I had a little look around the exhibition which was extremely interesting along with all the suffragette books and

memorabilia in the gift shop.

Of course who could forget that Saturday was Royal Wedding day and after the National Archives Paul and I had a quick turn around

Inside the Crooked House!

as we headed up to Northampton for a private party. I had been booked to perform my “Happy and Glorious” show which this year I gave an American variation to so as to tie in with the Royal Wedding theme.

Straight afterwards Paul and I were back on the road over to Suffolk and to the beautiful village of Lavenham where we had been booked by Munnings Tea Room to sing all day on Sunday as part of the villages 1940s event. I love the village of Lavenham as there is not one single straight wall anywhere to be seen and most of the houses

Dancing Outside Munnings Tea Room!

date back several centuries.

Munnings tea room is no exception as it’s famous and is otherwise known as the Crooked House. It’s the oldest house in Lavenham and was originally built in 1395.  Our wonderful hostess Everyl had kindly invited us to stay the night as we slept in a four poster bed made from old English Oak. The bed must have been at least a couple of centuries old and was extremely cosy and comfortable. I’m a great sleeper and as soon as my head hits the pillow I’m out like a light.

Paul however is a much lighter sleeper and while I

Out and About in Lavenham 1940s Style!

was asleep he said he woke to see the ghost of an old lady looking down at me in bed. I can’t say I saw her but anything is possible when you are staying in a house which is over 600 years old!

The next day Paul and I set up outside Munnings Tea Room and we sang through from 10.30am to 4.30pm 20 minutes on 20 minutes off all through the day. At one point we were having to turn people away as the tea room got so busy. Everyl is famous for her home made cakes and cream teas. Her scones are delicious and if you are ever in Lavenham don’t for get to visit Munnings and the Crooked House – it’s a delight!

Paul on Stage Doing his Thing!

So a big thank-you to Everyl for inviting us to Lavenham and to all the people who came to see our show!

This weekend I shall be in South Wales at Carew Airfield, Carew, Pembrokeshire SA70 8SX for Mil-Fest. On Saturday 26th May I shall be on stage at 11.00am WAAF, 1.00pm Hooray for Hollywood and 3.00pm GI Jive US WAC show, so I hope you can all make it along. Paul will also be joining me on stage Sunday night at The Snooty Fox, Martletwy, Narberth SA67 8AD where we will be performing for a 1940s dance from 7pm. Tickets are £5 each and are available by Telephoning 07811 181341. The Snooty Fox is renowned for it’s good food so if you would like something to eat there is plenty to choose from.

Munnings Tea Room!

That’s all my news for now as things are starting to really get busy with the run up to D-Day and I still have much to prepare. Many thanks to my dear friend Fay for your lovely letter. It’s great to hear all your news!

Must dash Keep Following and Toodle pip! 😉




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