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Stonehurst Farm Goes Back to the 40s 17th 18th Aug 2019!

Cranking Up & Set for Stonehurst!

In the Motor Museum!

Following on from last nights blog I’m pleased to be able to tell you a little more about our 1940s shows which will be taking place at Stonehurst Farm and Museum this coming weekend. Paul and I have been booked to perform 3 x 45 minute costume shows daily both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday 17th August 19 – 11.30am “The Fleets in Port Again” Wrens Show, 1.30pm “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree”, 1940s American Glamour Show, 3.30pm Those Magnificent Men WAAF Show.

Sunday 18th August 19 – 11.30am “We’ll Meet Again” ATS Show, 1.30pm “Hooray for Hollywood” Songs from the Movies, 3.30pm “GI Jive US” WAC Show.

Paul and I shall also be performing 2 x 45 minute glamour swing sets Saturday night at the dance which will be taking place from 7pm and once again Paul will be performing the very best Swing tunes popularized by Frank Sinatra. The Farm will be serving a hog  roast and we hope to get you all up on the dance floor. A fly over has been booked for Saturday (weather permitting) and we look forward to seeing you all this weekend as it

Paul Making Friends with the Animals!

Shopping at Stonehurst Farm!

promises to be a great occasion with re-enactors, vintage vehicles, a battle re-enactment and stalls.

Unlike other 1940s events which are often held in fields Stonehurst Farm is a proper working farm and is extremely family friendly. It’s a great place for children and  where it is possible to meet and feed the friendly animals, collect freshly laid eggs, enjoy tractor rides, pony rides, hold baby animals, explore the nature trail and see what you can catch “pond dipping”. Not to mention a delightful tea shop, farm shop and a fantastic motor museum!

Something for every-one and a great way of introducing younger members of the family to the 1940s. See you this weekend

! Keep Following and Toodle Pip!

See You There!

From The Edinburgh Tattoo To Singing the 40s at Stonehurst Farm, Mountsorrel!

Paul and I at Floors Castle!

Taking the High Road to Scotland!

If you follow me on Facebook you will know that Paul and I have just returned from holidaying in Bonnie Scotland this week. It had always been an ambition of Paul’s to see the Edinburgh Tattoo and the easiest way of doing  precisely that is to go on a tour where tickets and transport into Edinburgh are included in the trip. So we decided to book our holiday with Sherrings and travel up by coach which would pick us up in Leighton Buzzard and take us straight up to our hotel in Melrose. Well that’s what we though! As it turned out we ended up making all sorts of pick-ups and being taken down to London before we could board our designated coach. Rather annoyingly the coach stopped at junction 14 on the M1 which would have been a far better pick up point for us and would have saved us 5 hours of unnecessary travelling time. Needless to say on the way back we got off at junction 14!

Paul and I had never been on a coach holiday before although if I’m honest coach travel isn’t really for us. I’m so use to driving everywhere and normally I like to break my journey around Morecombe or Penrith when I head north of the boarder. I know Scotland quite well having

Catching Our Bus into Edinburgh!

performed a couple of Scottish theater tours back in the day while on my way up to Orkney and the Garrison Theater in Shetland. However after 8 hours on the coach we were so relived to reach our hotel.

The journey had been a difficult one taking us up the M1 then M6 back on the M1 onto the A1, past the Angel of the North and round every Scottish twisted road before we reached our hotel the Waverley Castle in Melrose. I can’t begin to tell you how relived I was to reach our destination having been unwell a couple of times on the way.

It’s always difficult knowing what to pack especially as everything has to fit in a suit case and there isn’t room for hat boxes or suit carriers. I know Scotland of old as it always rains what ever the season, and scarfs and jumpers are a must. When it comes to hats caps and berets usually tick

Enjoying Edinburgh Fringe!

the right boxes and certainly by the next day when Paul and I headed into Edinburgh we were so pleased we had hats.

Our coach firstly took us on a tour of Edinburgh and when we stopped Paul and I took tea at the Balmoral Hotel which is situated on Princes Street. The ambiance is delightful and while we were there they had a lady playing the harp which I really enjoyed. Afterwards we explored the city taking in the sights and sounds of the Fringe Festival before our coach picked us up and took us to the castle for the Tattoo.

Photographed with Security!


Although we both dressed warmly for the day the one item of clothing you must have is a plastic poncho. What most people don’t realise, is macs in this country are shower proof not water proof and certainly not suitable for sitting in during the rain, and yes believe me it did rain. In fact it poured down. The only thing that was missing was Nora’s ark which could have sailed down the middle of the parade ground as it rained that much. Needless to say Paul and I had invested in two £3.99 plastic ponchos which were life saves and made it possible for us to enjoy the show.

Paul Dressed for the Tattoo Weather!

What ever the weather the Tattoo must go on which was fantastic and full of life. I had great empathy for the Scottish dances who were wearing light ghillie dance shoes in the rain. Ghillie shoes are like ballet shoes with suede soles and have crossed lases. Scottish dancing is high impact and the balls of their feet must have been in agony dancing on concrete in the poring rain. I thought they must go through a pair of shoes a night.

When all the pipers came out on stage and played together it was extremely impressive and I

The Edinburgh Tattoo!

Enjoying the Pipe and Drums!

particularly enjoyed the Lochiel Marching Drill team from New Zealand. In New Zealand marching is a competitive sport and the young woman who make up the prestigious drill team travel all over the world.  They were slick and were a dream to watch as they created lots of matching kaleidoscope patterns on the show ground.

Next day our coach trip took us to the town of Peebles where once again it rained and we all ended up having lunch in Wetherspoons as it was the closest restaurant to our drop off point. Paul and I decided to have the Haggis which was delicious and afterwards we visited the John Buchan museum. Of-course for those of you who know your literature John Buchan is one of Scotland’s most popular writers, famous for writing The Thirty-Nine Steps. Published in 1915 and seen by many as the first spy thriller. What I didn’t know and learn’t while I was at the museum John Buchan was also a biographer, poet, historian, journalist, publisher and statesman. In 1935 he was appointed Governor General of Canada and continued to live his life to the full always seeking fulfilling employment before

Dinning on Haggis in Peebles!

dying in 1940 at the age of 65.

Next day we visited Floors Castle in Roxburghire which I really enjoyed. Built for the first Duke of Roxburghe in 1721 it houses a wonderful collection of antiques and is set in a diverse estate extending to 54.000 acres. Sadly we only had two hours to see the house and Paul and I would have liked more time to have explored the grounds. The Drawing room houses some beautiful tapestries which were brought over from Newport, Rhode Island by Duchess May in 1930 and has a wonderful collection of portraits.

At The John Buchan Museum!

On Friday we headed home and we all had to be on the coach by 6.45am. We had to put our luggage out-side our rooms for 5.30am and had breakfast at 6am which was a real killer. This time we drove down the M6 on the west hand side of the country. Both Paul and I found sitting for long periods on the coach really difficult and we were so pleased when we reached junction 14. We caught a Taxi back to Leighton Buzzard and later that night I went for a walk still feeling wobbly after our journey.

Now it’s back to work and this week I have a couple of Song for Summer shows before Paul and I head up to Leicestershire on Friday to the town of Mountsorrel to perform for Stonehurst Farm’s 1940s weekend event. This Saturday and Sunday 17th & 18th August you will be able to catch Paul and I on stage performing 3 x 45 minute costume shows daily at

Paul at Floors Castle!

11.30am. 1.30pm and 3.30pm and on Saturday night at and 8.15pm. More news about my shows to follow later this week so keep following my posts.

In the meantime I shall leave you with a few photos from our holiday. Toodle Pip and bye for now! 😉

Last night with our friends Caroline and Samantha!

Bonnie Scotland!

From Birmingham to Edinburgh & into The Recording Studio!

About to Go on Stage at Bournville!

On Stage!

Despite last weeks blistering heat it’s been very much business as usual with a mix bag of shows which has included “The Good Old Days”, “Stars and Stripes”, “The Last Night at the Proms” and my “20th Century Show” which I took to Birmingham on Friday. Tomorrow I’m performing my 20th Century show in Abingdon for the WI and also for a Summer Fate this Saturday which I shall be modifying slightly to suit the clients out-door brief.

Often when I get back from my shows I have to crack on with my paperwork which can be hard when it’s so hot. So I’m pleased the weather has broken somewhat and it’s not quit so hot now enabling me to concentrate. Wednesday was unbearable as we moved my Proms show indoors and

Singing The Last Night of the Proms!

My Music!

At Work in the Studio!

through the window I could see a squirrel flaked out on a wall too hot to move. I’d like to think he was there because he wanted to hear me sing my Best of British repertoire but I think it had more to do with the heat.

Fridays show was very enjoyable as I stepped in for a friend to perform at Bournville Gardens Village in Birmingham. I had never been there before and from Leighton Buzzard it’s about a 2 hour drive. As it was Friday night I decided to take the cross country route and went via Buckingham M40 but came back the M6 M1 route. I had been booked to perform 2 x 45 minute sets a 100 years of music from 1900 to 2000 although the audience didn’t really start to warm until I hit the music of the 1930s. Once we reach the 1950s it was plain sailing all the way although I think the audience enjoyed the 70s best with Abba and Grease. I shall be returning to Bournville in November with “My Fair Lady” and at Christmas with my new “Fairy Tale Christmas Spectacular” show. I’m looking forward to performing both shows at Bournville  very much.

Speaking of which I was back in the studio yesterday picking up my new medley arrangement of “Oliver”. Richard is such a genus and this is his best yet. It’s quite the monster running in at just over six and a half minutes but due to Richard’s brilliant arrangement it flies by. Richard has remained fairly true to the original pit line up but added in a few extra instruments in places. Yesterday I swapped some of the instruments around as I wanted more trombone in “Oom Pah Pah” to give it a bouzy feel and a little more clarinet was needed in “Reviewing the Situation” to make it sound more Jewish.

Musical arrangements really interest me and I know this “Oliver” arrangement is going to work so well in my new Christmas show. It’s lovely that for the first time I’m able to sing “As Long as he needs me”. Up to now, sung in show context, it’s always been written too low for my voice so we’ve raised the key and the line up cups my voice beautifully while still maintaining that deeper Nancy sound. I’m looking forward very much to performing the medley.

While I was in the studio I put into production a Disney arrangement and recorded some spoken word vocals for the new My Fair Lady show-reel. I hope it wont be too long now before I can release the My Fair Lady video so keep watching this space. It’s now summer garden parties all the way and next week I will be heading off up to Scotland for the Edinburgh Tattoo. So much to look forward too.

Keep Following and Toodle Pip! 😉

A Summer of Song, Oliver and the Magic of Disney!

Dressed for A Song for Summer!

This week I don’t really have anything new to tell you on the show front other than I’ve been performing every day summery shows  to tie in with the season. My 70s repertoire has really taken off  this summer and last weekend I had a 60th Anniversary party on Saturday and a 60th birthday party on Sunday both requesting similar repertoires.

Sunday’s party was at Moulsoe Village Hall and to begin with I was a little concerned about the halls reverberation. Moulsoe’s Millennium Hall is made of wood and has high ceilings making it a devil to sound properly especially when you have a family party atmosphere to cut through. For a DJ it’s easy to pump up the sound but for a singer it’s much more difficult as you have to balance your sound and not push the levels too high which can result in feed back. It’s finding that perfect balance which can be hard.

Inside Millennium Hall, Moulsoe!

As soon as I arrived I could see my bigger 300 speakers were required and I very quickly worked out my speaker sight lines. On this occasion I moved them slightly more forward and angled them so they would cross in the middle of the room which gives a fuller sound but enough space to avoid feed back. It was a great party as I got every-one joining in and singing along to Abba and Grease. I even had one little girl, Alice who joined me on stage and who dance the night away with my songs from the Swinging 60s.

Guests Enjoying the Party!

Saturdays show also went well which was in Pitstone and this week I have a mixed bag of themes. On Tuesday I’m performing songs from Music Hall in “The Good Old Days”, a “Stars and Stripes Show” on Wednesday, “The Last Night of the Proms” on Thursday and on Friday I will be in Birmingham performing my 20th Century show at the famous Bournville Village, so much to do.

This Sunday I will be back in the recording studio. I’m due to pick up the second of my new musical arrangements which is for the “Fairy Tale Christmas Spectacular show” I’m launching this December. I shall be picking

My Lovely Dancing Partner Alice!

up a new medley arrangement of the musical “Oliver” and putting into production a Disney arrangement which is all very exciting. I spend a lot of my time thinking about music and it’s taken me a while to get the Disney arrangement to sit well in my head. When it comes to Disney there are so many wonderful tunes to choose from it’s hard to make a decision. But after a lot of thought I think I’m there with it now and I’m looking forward to conveying my ideas to Richard my musical arranger when I meet up with him on Sunday.

I shall also be recording some voices overs for the “My Fair Lady” show-reel which I can’t wait to finish.

That’s my news for now. Keep Following and Toodle Pip! 😉

Every-one Enjoying the Party!

Performing at The Great Northern Pub, Derby and onto Althorp!

On Stage & In Full Swing!

Paul Helping With Setting Up For the Party!

The Summer season is in full swing and it’s wonderful to come back from a weekend where everything run perfectly to plan. For anyone who knows anything about show business it doesn’t always go as blissfully as that. So often you can get traffic problems or a delay but last weekend went beautifully. The weather was perfect and we had a wonderful audience to play to Saturday night.

Paul and I had been engaged to sing  for a private retirement party in Derby which was taking place at The Great Northern Pub. A fabulous location with a super function room we had been booked to sing 2 x 45/60 minute sets, music from the 1940s, 50s, 60s and 70s. A great choice for any party gathering as the 40s to 70s has something for every-one. Paul and I very quickly got the party swinging as we rocked the night away, while we got all the guests dancing to the Andrew Sisters, Frank Sinatra, Bill Haley, The Supremes, Abba and much more.

Later that night we stayed over at the pub which has three wonderful hotel rooms. Our initial plan had been to travel  up to Manchester. Paul and I

Enjoying Althorp!

had been booked to play a Sunday Big Band and Swing show in Sale Moor but due to an emergency refurbishment our show had been rescheduled to November when the venue would re-open again for events.

Having a day off we planed to visit the Althorp estate which worked in perfectly with our travel plans. I’m sure many of you reading this blog will know Althorp was the family home to Princess Diana and is situated in the county of Northampton. I don’t know why but until Sunday I had never visited Althorp which is extraordinary

Paul and I Out-Side Althorp!

when it’s only just over an hours drive away from my home in Bedfordshire.

The estate is only open for two months of the year and has a fabulous collection of paintings and furniture. The Althorp web-site doesn’t really show the interiors which is a shame as they are beautiful. However perhaps that might not be a bad thing as it left space for surprise and I was delighted with what I discovered, especially Charles Spencer’s art collection. It’s hardly surprising that Diana grew up with a love of fashion as many of the portraits, feature beautiful

Paul by Diana’s Memorial!

and predominate woman all exquisitely dressed. Every wall has a feast to behold painted by some of the greatest masters which include, Rubens, Van Dyck, Gainsborough and Poussin.

I’m only sorry I wasn’t able to take pictures so I could share some of these lovely paintings with you all, but like a lot of stately homes you are not allowed to take photographs inside the house. I was particularly taken by the long picture gallery which has all it’s painting displayed in fine scalloped frames and displayed an incredible collection of 17th century beauties.

Enjoying the Gardens!

Taking pictures in the garden however isn’t a problem as Paul and I visited the lake and the Diana memorial. We also enjoyed lunch in the tea room and Althorps beautiful grounds.

This week its Summer shows all the way with more private parties at the weekend. The trend for this summer is all about the 60s and 70s and next week I shall be performing in Birmingham at the famous Bournville Village with my 20th Century show.

Keep Following and Toodle Pip!


Getting into the 70s Groove, A Silent Disco, & Stars and Stripes!

Getting into the Groove 70s Style!

Taking a Break from Editing!

Barry at St Mary’s Church, East Barnet!

Every-one Enjoying the Silent Disco!

This last week has been a very interesting one. Last Tuesday I took the train into London to see film maker Judson as we started work on editing my “My Fair Lady” show-reel. It’s a long process as I wanted to be sure I had the right camera sparkle and my video would  sell the show. There is a lot to go through and even now it may take another month or so for me to get that perfect edit. I’m also going to have to go back into the recording studio and record some spoken word pieces which we can use to lay over some of the visuals. The My Fair Lady film is a work in progress and I shall keep you all posted. It’s very exciting to see it all coming together and I’m looking forward very much to sharing it with you all and adding it to my web-site. So keep watching this sp

Me Bouncing to the Beat!

ace as I keep you up to date with my progress!

On Wednesday I was invited last week to St Mary’s Church, East Barnet to see the Induction of The Revd Dr Alec Corio into the parish of East Barnet. I’d never been to one before and the Installation and Induction was taken by the Archdeacon of Hertfordshire and the Institution by the Lord Bishop of St Albans The Rt Revd Dr Alan Smith. Both the Lord Bishop and Alec Corio have beautiful speaking voices and it was lovely to hear them address the congregation. A highly intelligent and well educated young man it struck me that Alec will do well in his new parish as Rector of East Barnet as we all wished him well.

I had been invited as the guest of my musician friend Barry Castle who’s friend in turn, Alan Danson had composed a new piece of music for the Voluntary which was played after the National Anthem.  This required a five piece band and the church organ. So tricky was the piece to play that Alan joked he had to employ somebody else to play the organ as he found it too difficult which made us all laugh. Afterwards we all went across the road to Church Hill School Hall for refreshments.

This week I’ve been busy with “Stars and Stripe” shows and the 1970s. It was American independence day last Thursday and my Stars and Stripes show has always been a good seller. Also I’ve started on the Summer Fate and Garden Party season and this year the trend is for the 1970s. I’ve learnt a couple of new numbers, “Tie a Yellow Ribbon”, “Love is Like a Butterfly” and “I Want to Teach the World to Sing”.

Last Sunday I was in St Albans performing for a 1970s BBQ and after my set the next act was a 1970s Silent Disco. A superb concept where every-one wears cans and the music is piped through into their head sets. The thinking behind this is, it breaks down barriers and within seconds you can see every-one up singing and dancing. It’s fascinating to watch and works wonders for people with dementia. I’d never seen anything quite like it and once I had struck down my rig I was quick to join in.

Me Loving the 1970s!

Afterwards I had a long chat with Sharon Humphreys who’s business it was as the concept remained me of a scene in the film “The Kings Speech”. Where Bertie the future King played by Colin Firth goes to see his speech therapist Lionel, played by Geoffrey Rush. Lionel gets Bertie to read from Shakespeare while playing loud music through head phones. Needless to say the king doesn’t stammer once and it’s not until he hears a recording of himself played back on his gramophone that he realizes this may be a way forward in curing his stammer.

Tea at Southill Church!

Music can do wonderful things and there is an awful lot of psychology involved which I use on a daily basis. I learnt a lot from watching and taking part in the Silent Disco and now it’s full steam ahead singing the 1970s. This Saturday Paul and I will be performing for a private party in Derby music from the 1940s, 50s, 60s and 70s, so much to do.

Today I was in Biggleswade and after my show I popped into All Saints Church in Southill for tea. Tea at the church is one of my favorite haunts.

That’s all my news for now Keep Following and Toodle Pip!

Inside All Saints Church Southill!


Back from Totnes, Dartmouth & Remembering Operation Tiger at Slapton Sands!

On Holiday in Totnes!

Paul and Poppy Relaxing!

I’ve never known a month to go as quickly as last June and if you have been following my blogs you will know why.  One moment we were in May filming “My Fair Lady” and then Paul and I were straight over to France performing for the 75th D-Day Commemorations. (I hope you have been able to catch up with all three of my blog installments as I chronicled our tour.)

Paul and I arrived back on the 11th and then I had two weeks of catching up to do plus shows to perform before Paul and I went away again on the 22nd. Now we are into July, it’s full steam ahead with the Summer season of fates and garden parties not forgetting American independence day on the 4th with shows back to back for the rest of this week. Busy busy!

Shopping at Totnes Market!

Exercising with Poppy!

I get very little free time so for Paul and I to take a holiday from the 22nd through to the 30th June was a conscious decision especially as no sooner did we book it I had to turn customers away. We both needed a break. D-Day was intense and to have a holiday with no particular plan was heavenly and I’m so pleased we took the decision to go.

We also wanted to give Poppy a break too so we decided to take Paul’s motor-home down to Devon and stay on the camp site in the center of Totnes. Totnes is a very Doggy friendly town and most shops and restaurants welcome them. It was wonderful to have some time to relax  pottering about town with no particular plan and not having to worry about dashing off to a show. Of-course I never truly stop working completely as I check my e-mails daily and continue to do my morning exercises. Often  with Poppy looking on and in some cases joining in!

It’s takes about a four and a half hours to drive down from Leighton Buzzard to Totnes and getting away is often difficult. There always seems to be another last minute job to do so I can’t tell you how relied I was when I finally got there. Paul and Poppy met me at the site as we found ourselves a lovely pitch by the trees. We spent most of our days pottering about Totnes and I’m pleased I was able to break away and catch the Jazz Age Exhibition at the Fashion and textiles Museum in town. They’ve just published their first book which chronicles fashion and Textiles from the 17th to the 20th century which

The Jazz Age Fashion Exhibition!

is extremely interesting.

Totnes has lots of individual, independent shops selling all sorts of treasures from Antique silver to Indian textiles. One shop even sells T-Shirts stating that Totnes is twined with  Narnia! For any-one who have ever been that wont come as any surprise as the town is brimming with the weird and wonderful. It was only last Thursday I saw a pirate walking down the high street in a tricorn hat, kilt and Docco boots!

Last year Paul and I took Poppy on the Round Robin which involved catching the boat from Totnes queue down to Dartmouth. Catching a steam train and then a bus ride back to Totnes. On this occasion we just drove into Dartmouth for lunch on two of our days. Dartmouth is famous for it’s beautiful timber beam buildings and olde world architecture.

Dartmouth Architecture!

We also visited Slapton Sands which was where over 1000 American service men lost their lives in a tragic D-Day training exercise in 1944. Named operation Tiger the fiasco was covered up by officials and it would have been forgotten about if it hadn’t been for one man Ken Small, who’s curiosity and determination ensured their sacrifice would not go unrecognized.

Now I’m back home I’ve been busy catching up. Today I was in London working with film maker Judson on the “My Fair Lady” showreel and it’s

At Slapton Sands Memorial!

exciting to see it coming together. These things can take an age choosing which are the very best shots to use and having to be ruthless with others. We shall also be experimenting with colours as I want to give my film the Technicolor look.

It’s late and I need to get to bed so that’s all my news for now. Keep following and I shall leave you with a few photos from my holiday.

Toodle Pip and Bye for Now! 😉

Shopping in Totnes

Part 3 – D-Day 75th – Shows at Port en Bessin & Ste Marie du Mont!

On Stage at Port en Bessin!

After the 7th June storm Paul and I were so relieved to see the sunshine return for the 8th. We had been engaged to perform Saturday night in the town of Port en Bessin for the 47 Royal Marine Commando dinner. It was their last night in town and the show had been opened up for the whole town to enjoy in Fountain Square which is right by the famous Commando Restaurant. We were so thrilled to see the Commando veterans who had had a busy day and were looking forward to their special evening with the Commando Association.

During the day Paul and I had had the pleasure  of meeting up with our friends Paul and Sally Chapman for lunch along with their friends Rolland and Brian. That night we had put together a special glamorous show of songs which covered British, American and French numbers the audience could sing along and dance to. After Fridays storms which meant all shows were cancelled along the Normandy coast we were so

In Full Song!

pleased to see the sun and we couldn’t have wished for better weather as people danced and sang along to our music.

A great deal of thought goes into what we wear and both Paul and I chose to wear glamorous suits from the 1940s. Each show requires a different look and like my music I don’t like to sing the same show plan, or be seen in the same out-fit twice when I’m on tour. My suit was a “Lilly Anne” which I had bought on line and was sent to me from Australia where Paul’s had been tailor made for him using original patterns from the 40s. It was essential we wore suits as both Paul and I had

Lunching in Port en Bessin with Friends!

been invited to dinner afterwards with the Commando Association and we needed clothes which were both practical and glamorous for early evening.

A few days before I had been lucky enough to purchase an original 40s silk scarf in Bayeux and with my pale blue cotton gloves it finished my outfit off to perfection adding a subtle splash of colour. It’s important not to get cold when on stage or to underestimate how helpful a silk scarf can be. The weather can change very quickly in Normandy and last year I had a wool coat made from green baize.

Paul Sings I’ll Be Seeing You!

Used in the covering of snooker tables, baize is high quality and extremely warm to wear. This year my coat came into it’s own. Based on Dior’s New look I had the coat lined through-out in green silk. The advantage of this is silk not only keeps me warm but cool when I’m performing. Also if it’s raining it doesn’t crease because the weight of the wool allows the creases to drop out. I wore this coat on the 7th pre-empting the bad weather but as the show was cancelled I decided to wear it again on the 9th when the weather change once more.

For the 9th June Paul and I had been booked to sing all day in Ste Marie du Mont. Our shows would begin at 12 noon and we would sing through to 6pm performing 20 minutes on 20 minutes off all through the day. This arrangement works well for Ste Marie du Mont as they have a 1940s encampment around the church where people often like to stop for refreshments before making their way onto Utah beach and

On Stage with Dock a Billy!

the museum. We were also booked to share the stage that night with rockabilly band “Dock a Billy” and to perform songs from the 1940s 50s, 60s and 70s. During the day my brief was to sing from the 1930s and 40s as Paul and I performed 9 sets. While we were there we had the pleasure of meeting up with American WW2 veterans and the US Army who had been taking part in the parades and the commemorative parachute drops.

Initially it had been my plan to wear my US WAC uniform but with the weather constantly changing I thought it best to wear my green coat. This turned out to be the right choice and also bridged the different musical decades especially when it came to the evening show. Paul and I were back on stage at 8pm as we sang two more 45 minute sets. We enjoyed performing with Dock a Billy very much who were a 3 piece and had a great 50s sound. Fortunately this year we had a marque

Meeting the US Military in Ste Marie du Mont!

covering the stage area as we played through to 11pm.

The following day we were booked to sailed home to Portsmouth which gave us time to reflect on what a wonderful experience and privilege it had been to have been  involved in D-Day’s 75th Commemoration. To have seen our veterans faces as young men adorning the lampposts was fabulous not to mention the ceremonies which were all extremely moving. This is a year I will never forget and it will be something I will always treasure! Thank-you to every-one who took part and to all the people who work so tirelessly

Between Shows in Ste Marie du Mont!

behind the scenes such as Adrian and Karen Cox, Steven Oldrid and Philippe Tanne.

Since I’ve been home it’s been business as usual as I’ve been out and about performing a verity of different shows which have included Prom concerts, “A Day at the Races” to tie in with Ascott week and the “Swinging 50s, 60s and 70s”. I’ve also been in the recording studio working with my musical arranger Richard on new music for my “Fairy Tale Christmas Spectacular” show which I will be launching later this year on the 28th November. I’m also expanding my 1970s repertoire and I have lots of new songs to learn for July. I shall also be starting work on editing my “My Fair Lady” showreel with film maker Judson on the 2nd so lots to look forward to

Next week Paul and I will be taking a holiday and I wont be back in the office again until the 1st July. We will be heading off to Totnes with little Poppy for a well deserved break and

Meeting Up with US WW2 Veteran!

I look forward to catching up with you all when I get back.

In the meantime enjoy the photos and keep following. Toodle Pip and bye for now! 😉

Remembering Our Brave Veterans!

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