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Bletchley Park to Accessories of Old, My Fair Lady at Danny House and Off to Milan!

Fiona Harrison in the Recording Studio

In the Recording Studio!

I confess I’m rushing against the clock again this week to try and get everything done before Friday when Paul and I fly out to Milan to perform for Graffignana’s Vintage Festival. I can’t wait but I have so much to do first including show plans and packing. This last week has been full on and I hardly know where to begin. I was in the studio a week Saturday recording some Gigi vocals and voice overs for the “My Fair Lady” video before heading into Fulham.

The recording studio isn’t far from the M4 so I thought it would be a good opportunity to visit Acessories of Old Vintage at their storage unit in

Shopping at Accessories of Old Vintage!

SW6. They sell dead old new stock which is shipped in from South Africa and on this occasion they had loads of vintage sequin trimmings which I was keen to buy not to mention buttons and costume jewellery from the 1940s, 50s and 60s.

For £25 you are given a bag which you are left free to fill and needless to say I was able to fill mine with all sorts of vintage and sequin treasures which I shall be using on my costumes at some time in the future. It wont come as any surprise to those of you who know me, but I live my life through design and colour. Often when I design an out-fit sometimes it can be a trimming or a piece of jewellery which inspires me first, and then the design quickly follows. I came away from Fulham with so many wonderful things which I can’t wait to use and already my head is buzzing with designs.

The following day I was at Bletchley Park. I had a meeting with the events team and I’m thrilled to announce I’ve been

Fiona Harrison at Bletchely Park

Out and About at Bletchely Park!

engaged to perform as part of Bletchley’s 2020 concert season. I also took the opportunity to have a good look around the sight and to do a bit of vintage shopping while meeting up with friends and enjoying the 1940s atmosphere.

Keeping ones vintage wardrobe fresh and new is a job in it’s self . On this occasion I was able to pick up a stunning shocking pink wool suit which I shall be wearing next year when Paul and I return to perform in Normandy!

This week I’ve been on tour singing in West Sussex. I began my tour  just north of Brighton

Danny House!

in the village of Hurstpierpoint. I’d been booked to perform at Danny House which was once home to Lloyd George and is now a rural retreat. Every Monday evening they stage a concert and although most are classical recitals I was thrilled when Danny House invited me to stay and perform my one woman show “My Fair Lady”.

The Great Hall lends it’self perfectly for recitals, it has wonderful acoustics and made the ideal location for my show too. I couldn’t have wished for a better setting. When it comes to musicals it’s hard to find any-one who doesn’t know

Inside The Great Hall!

or like “My Fair Lady”. So I’m pleased to say my performance went down really well with the Danny audience.  I would like to thank Richard Burrows for his kind and generous hospitality and I’m looking forward very much to returning to Danny House in the Spring.

My next couple of shows were in and around Chichester and to-day I was performing in Harrow. I have tried to leave this week as clear as possible although I have another performance on Thursday and then it’s straight into my Italian shows. On Saturday evening Paul and I will be performing in Lordi Vecchio. Then on Sunday I’ve

The Stage is Set!

been invited to sing in Latin Ave Maria for Mass followed by my Swinging 50s, 60s and 70s show. So much to do and plan for.

I’ve also just received Angela Adams beautiful photos from our 1940s fashion shoot at The East Anglian Railway museum. I will be posting up many of the shots over face-book in the next couple of months so do Keep Following and Toodle Pip for Now!

A New Shot By Angela Adams!






Shooting at The East Anglian Railway Museum & Off on Tour to West Sussex!

Between Shots with Angela Adams!

I’m sorry I’m a little later with my blog this week but I’ve been extremely busy tying up loose ends and catching up on paperwork. I head off to the South coast next week for a mini tour and I shall tell you more about that in a moment. Firstly this week has all been about “The Best of British” as I’ve had a run of “Last Night of the Proms” style concerts. It’s been great fun which has also tied in with today as it’s “Music Day”. You can’t really go wrong with “Rule Britannia” and “Land of Hope and Glory” when your audience arrive prepared and ready to wave their union jack flags from the outset!

Kim and Angela between Shots at the Viaduct!

The days and weeks are rolling by and I can’t believe it’s only two weeks away when Paul and I will be flying back out to Milan to perform for Graffignana’s vintage festival. This year I have been booked to perform the music of the 1950s, 60s & 70s and on the Saturday night Paul and I have been invited to perform a special concert in Lodi Vecchio which will be attended by the mayor. I’ve lot’s to try and sort out before then which means I’m working flat out behind the scenes to see everything is up to date before we fly.

Last weekend I had the pleasure of working with

Fiona Harrison Backstage at the East Anglian Railway Museum

Getting Ready Back-stage!

top photographer Angela Adams and her assistant Kim at The East Anglian Railway Museum in Colchester. Paul and I have been booked to perform there next year and I was keen to get some new 1940s fashion shots recorded before the weather changes and moves into the colder Autumn/Winter season.

As with all shoots it’s all in the preparation and I spent Saturday morning in the hairdressers getting ready for the shot before heading off to Colchester. I booked a full days secession with Angela which believe me is hard work. It’s deceiving to think standing in front of a camera isn’t tiring, in fact it’s exhausting, as you are constantly changing your body shape in an attempt to get those perfect angles.

For all of us our day started early as Kim drove all the way from Hampshire and Angela from Norfolk. I arrived at the

Inside the Goods Shed!

museum as soon as they opened and it took me a good 40 to 50 minutes to carry all my costumes into the museum. On this occasion I brought 14 out-fits which I knew was a little ambitious for the time scale however we did manage to photograph 11 costumes which was quite an achievement.

Time is often taken up in changing and moving from location around the museum. You have to be quick, and thorough, often grabbing a bite between fast changes. I haven’t seen the photographs yet but I’m looking forward to seeing them very much. Apparently there are some fantastic shots and as soon as I get them

Fiona Harrison at Chappel Station

A Quick Selfie!

through I promise to sharing them all with you.

On Monday I’m off down to West Sussex and Hurstpierpoint to perform at Danny Mansion which was once the home to David Lloyd George. It’s said that when Lloyd George heard the news of victory on the Western Front bringing an end to the first World War he danced the hornpipe. As prime minister from 1908 to 1915 Lloyd George rejected Chequers as his grace and favor mansion, preferring Danny House. I’m looking forward to performing there very much as I’ve been booked to perform my “My Fair Lady” show which starts my South Coast tour.

Fiona Harrison Getting Made Up

Getting Made Up!

I’ve been invited to stay the night and from Danny I will be heading onto Chichester with shows booked everyday to include “The Magic of the Musicals”, “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree”, “Thank-you for the Music” and “The Good Old Days” before returning on Saturday with “The Swinging 50s & 60s”.

This weekend I’m back in the recording studio trying to sort out a few last minute recording issues with the “My Fair Lady” show-reel and working through some new numbers with my pianist friend Ross. I’m not sure if I will have time to write another blog before I go away but if not I look forward to catching up with you all when I come back from the South coast. In the meantime enjoy my behind the scene shots from the railway museum and thank-you every-one at Chappel Station who helped us with the shoot.

Fiona Harrison on a Photo Shoot

Kim and I Between Shots!

Keep Following, Toodle Pip and Bye for Now!


Singing the 40s at Hughenden Manor & Off to Colchester!

On Stage with Paul!

We’ll Meet Again!

During my singing career I’ve had the pleasure of performing for many 1940s events both here in the UK and abroad but Hughenden Manor is rapidly becoming one of my favorites. From the moment you enter the grounds there is a buzz of excitement from all the participants who have been carefully hand picked to take part in this prestigious National Trust event. Last weekend was no exception as we all pulled together and worked our socks off to make Saturday and Sunday’s event the best 1940s Hughenden ever!

This weekend offers a wonderful varied mix of activities and interests appealing to all age groups from re-enactments, military displays, music and dance work-shops and of-course not forgetting Hughenden Manor it’s self, which was once home to the Victorian Prime minister Benjamin Disraeli.

For those of you who don’t know during WW2 Hughenden was requisitioned by the Air Ministry and became

Paul with Sound Engineer & DJ Dave Dawes!

Angela’s Vintage Hair Salon!

a top secret map making operation for the RAF. From 1941 – 46 over 100 men and women, civilian and military were based at Hughenden producing target maps for nearby Bomber Command HQ. So it’s hardly surprising that Hughenden Manor has now become the setting for a rapidly growing 40s event.

Last year we had record visitor numbers and in 2018 the event attracted 1735 on the Saturday and 2412 on Sunday. This year we saw 2183 on the Saturday and 3050 on the Sunday which is an increase of just under 1100 people. Incredible but also understandable with the growing interest in Operation Hillside which was Hughenden’s code name during the War. Earlier this year the house renovate and open two new rooms expanding it’s Operation Hillside exhibition which has proved to be extremely popular.

It’s always feels like a great honor to be invited to sing at Hughenden and this year Paul and I

Shopping for Vintage Between Shows!

On Stage with the Fantastic Polka Dots!

had the pleasure of working with three girl harmony group “The Polka Dots” and sound man and radio DJ Dave Dawes from 

In past years it’s been Paul and my responsibility to provide sound not only for ourselves but for other artists too. So it was lovely this year to concentrate solely on our performances and to have Dave rigging and mixing sound for us all. My brief was to perform two singing sets daily one uniform, one glamour. To share the compering duties with Dave Dawes  and to run the 1.30pm dance work shop on the Parterre stage. Paul too had been engaged to perform his own 30 minute Swing Sinatra set and we couldn’t have wished for better

Enjoying the Gardens at Hughenden!

Getting Dressed for my Dance Work-shop Back-stage!

Meeting Up with Friends and Visitors!

Meeting Friends & Dressed for Battle of Britain Day!

weather as the weekend got busier and  busier.

A great deal of thought goes into all my shows not only musically but also into the clothes I wear. Although the uniform shows are straight forward enough everything still has to be properly prepared with brass buttons and shoes polished and clothes pressed. When it comes to teaching dance workshops it’s essential I’m able to bend and stretch. So this year I designed a blue crepe 1940s trouser suit which worked so well and gave me the freedom to move as I needed.

I first started teaching 40s dance work shops at Hughenden three years ago. My idea was to take

Packed with Visitors!

Ready to Begin My Glamour Set!

popular party dances from the time such as “The Lambeth Walk” and “Hands Knees and Boomps a Daisy” and to adapt them  choreographically to fit the confines of the Parterre stage. These work-shops are now proving extremely popular and I couldn’t believe the number of people who joined in last weekend. It’s great fun although I think Dave and Paul got covered in dust as the Parterre started to fill with budding dances all strutting their stuff on the gravel floor.

On Saturday I opened the event on the North Lawn stage with my ATS “We’ll Meet Again” show to tie in with the 80th WW2 Anniversary. On this occasion I began  with Neville Chamberlain famous speech and segued into “Mother was Right” which for those of you who have a copy of my “We’ll Meet Again” album will know is a song about the ATS. For my final set I closed with my American glamour show “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree”.

When ever I do events I don’t like to repeat my shows so on Sunday I opened with  “Hollywood Swing” and closed with “Those Magnificent Men” a special WAAF Show to tie in with Sunday’s important date 15th September which as I’m sure you all know is remembered as “Battle of Britain” Day. Paul delighted audiences his Sinatra swing show and the Polka Dots drew a crowd with their sassy dance routines and tight harmonies.

Some of the events other great highlights included a Spitfire fly passed on both days and the Special service taken by the Rev Keith Johnson and group Captain Shaun Harris, who is Station Commander at RAF High Wycombe. I’d also like to thank Moria Andrews and her dedicated team who worked so hard to make this event such a success and Paul and I are already looking forward to next year.

For the first time I recommended to Moria my friend Angela to have a vintage hair dresser. I’ve known Angela for many years and when it comes to doing vintage hair styles she is the best in the business. It was the first time Angela had ever done anything like this and all day she had a steady flow of customers all having their hair beautifully styled while visitors continued to flock through the gates.

This week I’m still busy performing “Battle of Britain” and “Last Night of the Proms” concerts before heading off to The East Anglian Railway Museum in Colchester at the weekend. I’m thrilled to announce Paul and I have been booked by the museum to perform for their special 1940s event next year on the 4th 5th July which is entitled “A Steamy Vintage Encounter”. Keeping social media fed with exciting images is a full time occupation and as September is one of the best months for out door photography I was keen to squeeze in a 1940s photo shoot before Paul and I are away on tour again.

I’ve managed to book top photographer Angela Adams to do the shoot who I have had the pleasure of working with many times before. I’m planning to record some of my new 1940s out-fits  combined with some Brief Encounter inspired shots for the railway museum so they can use them as part of there 2020 publicity.

Speaking of 2020, bookings are starting to come in for next year and Paul and I have already been engaged to perform for Bretteville l’Orgueilleuse Liberation Ball in Normandy, as part of our D-day tour for next June. In a couple of weeks we fly out to Milan to perform for Graffignana’s vintage festival. This time we will be performing  the music of the 1950s, 60s and 70s and on the 30th Sept I’m heading south to Danny Mansion in the village of Hurstpierpoint with my one woman

Dressed for Operation Hillside!

show “My Fair Lady”. Danny Mansion was where Lloyd George summoned his war cabinet back in the day so I’m looking forward to performing there very much.

That’s all my news for now. I shall leave you with a few photos from this weekend with many more available to see by clicking onto my facebook page link.

Sunday’s Service!

Keep Following and Toodle Pip!



Hughenden Manor’s 40s Weekend & “We’ll Meet Again” at St Lauds, Sherington!

Paul and I in Sherington!

Back-stage in the Vestry!

Once again I’m in something of a dash this week as I have so much to tell you all and get ready for next weekend when Paul and I will be performing for the National Trust at Hughenden Manor’s 1940s weekend.

More on that in a moment but firstly I’d like to thank Alan Sims and all the church helpers at St Lauds Church in Sherington who worked so hard to make Saturday nights show such a success. I always enjoy singing in church as the acoustics work perfectly for soprano voices. Last Saturday Sherington village came together to commemorate the 80th anniversary of WW2. Paul and I had been engaged to sing a selection of popular British and American songs from the War years and it was lovely to see every-one joining in as we performed our War time concert in two half’s.

During the interval there was wine and home cakes which went down particularly well with the audience especially as it was all off ration. Paul sang the best of Sinatra and now it’s full steam ahead as we change from ATS uniform to WAAF with the run up to the Batttle of Britan this week

On Stage with Paul!

and Hughenden’s 1940s weekend.

For those of you who know your history Hughenden Manor was Operation Hillside during WW2.  From 1941-46, Hughenden was home to a secret map making operation for nearby Bomber Command HQ. This weekend it will be possible to step back in time and experience the drama of the Second World War with living history re-enactments, military and civilian displays, food, music and dancing from the era.

I shall be comparing the event and performing 3 x 30 minute shows daily.

We’ll Meet Again!

Two will be vocal performances and at 1.30pm I shall be running the dance workshop on the Parterre stage which is open to budding dances of all ages. My show times are as follows :-

Saturday 14th Sept = 11.00am  We’ll Meet Again, ATS Show – North Lawn Stage, 1.30pm Dance Workshop – Parterre Stage, 3.30pm “In the Mood” Swing Glamour Show – Parterre Stage

Sunday 15th Sept = “It Don’t Mean a Thing” Hollywood & Swing Show – North Lawn Stage, 1.30pm Dance Workshop – Parterre Stage, 3.30pm “Those Magnificent Men” WAAF Show – Parterre Stage.

Paul also has his own singing spot this year and he will be on stage at 2.30pm performing on the Parterre Stage where you will be able to hear him sing all those wonderful Sinatra swing

Paul on Sound!

tunes. For the first time we have DJ Dave Dawes from 1940s radio and back by popular demand the wonderful three girl harmony group “The Polka Dots” who are renowned for their slick sassy routines and tight harmonies.  Other attractions include a re-nactment skirmish between British and German infantry across the parkland and lots of civilian and military vehicles.

A flypast has been booked for both days with the RAF Battle of Britain Memorial Flight. (Subject to weather conditions) and this year we are expecting to see a Spitfire on both days. If you fancy getting involved you can also have a go at a Home Guard drill with the Civil Defenders, enjoy an old fashioned Punch and Judy show and discover more about Hughenden’s secret war-time history by joining one of the ‘Hillside’ talks with the expert volunteer guides.

Out-side St Lauds Church!

There’ll also be a vintage fair to explore with craft stalls selling handmade gifts, cards, vintage clothing and jewellery and for the first time Angela a vintage hair dresser. So ladies if you feel like having your hair  done in a 1940s style Angela is the lady to see. I’ve already booked my appointment! In the Stable yard shop a selection of historic memorabilia will be on sale including books and music from the era, and in celebration of Hughenden’s 1940s weekend Chiltern Brewery has crafted a limited edition Battle of Britain ale for visitors to buy.

More details can be found by going to Hughenden Manor’s web page by clicking the link 

Getting Ready Back-stage!

That’s all my news for now but next week I shall be off to Colchester and the East Anglian Railway Museum as I get ready for next years Steamy Vintage Encounter. More news on that next week. In the mean time enjoy the photos from Sherington and Keep Following! 😉

Dressed and Ready to Roll!


Singing Vintage at Shuttleworth & Commemorating WW2 & The 80th at Sherington!

Watch the Birdie!

Gosh how time matches on. Saturday was the last day of Summer and now we are into the Autumn season with the start of September. For those of you who know your history today 3rd September marks the 80th Anniversary of when Britain went to war with Germany and perhaps it wont come as any surprise to learn for those of you who follow me, I’m booked all week to perform “We’ll Meet Again” shows.

On Stage with Paul!

In fact this Saturday you can catch Paul and I on stage performing a special WW2 Commemoration concert at St Lauds Church, Sherington, Newport Pagnell, Bucks, MK16 9NU. Tickets are £10 each which includes a glass of wine and cake and we shall be performing 2 x 45 minute sets of songs from the 1940s in costume. Tickets can be obtained from Alan Sims on Tel 01908 610434  and the show begins at 7.00pm. We hope you can all make it along to see us as we will be singing a mixture of music from the 1940s which will include Sing-along, Big Band and Swing, Hollywood musicals and much more. We look forward to seeing you! 😉

In the meantime Paul and I have just got back

Lights, Camera Action!

from a fantastic day of performing for Shuttleworth Museum’s Vintage Flying Day. The wonderful thing about the Shuttleworth collection the aircraft and vehicles don’t just stay locked up in the hangers. On flying days it’s possible to see many of the vehicles driven and the aircraft flown which is a real treat.

I had been engaged to perform 3 x 45 minute vintage shows daily which started at 10am with my 1920s and 30s set followed by the 40s at 1pm and concluded at 3pm with songs from the 1950s, 60s and 70s. The flying displays continued though

Enjoying the Show and Vehicles!

until 6pm and we were extremely lucky with the weather.

This was my sixth visit to Shuttleworth and once again we were in Hanger 3 which is a great spot as we are right by the pop up tea room and all day long we had a steady flow of visitors. On these special days Shuttleworth always has an interesting array of stalls and attractions. Paul and I were particularly taken with Battlefield Photography run by Steven and Jordan Ann as they had a fantastic selection of movie cameras from the 1940s which we couldn’t resist having our photos taken with.

Shopping for Vintage between shows! 😉

Now it’s full steam ahead with lots of 80th WW2 Commemoration concerts this week and don’t forget on the 14th & 15th September Paul and I will be on stage performing for the National Trust at Hughenden Manor’s 1940s event. This year Paul will be performing his own set and I wont just be singing but compering and running the dance work-shop as well.

I’ve had a new out-fit made for the work-shops as it’s important I can move and lift my arms without being inhibited by my vintage clothes. Sometimes it’s best to start from scratch rather than alter an original out-fit which is too delicate to take the

Dressed for my final Set!

wear and tare. I had a fitting last week and it’s wonderful to see an out-fit taking shape and coming together

That’s all my news for now but in the meantime here are a few photos from the Shuttleworth show on Sunday. Enjoy Toodle Pip and Bye for now! 😉

On Set with Jordan Ann of Battlefield Photography!

Victorian Day in Abbey Park & On Stage for Shuttleworth’s Vintage Air Show!

On Stage with the Mighty Zoltar!

Working Together to Build my Stage!

I’m sorry I’m a bit late with my blog this week but I’ve had an extremely busy week with the start of the Proms season and a full bank holiday diary. The weather has been hotting up and last Thursday I was in Ilford performing songs from the Hollywood Musicals at Beehive Lane Synagogue. It gave me the opportunity to try out my new “Oliver” arrangement which has been going down really well with audiences. “Oliver” will be making up  part of my new “Fairy Tale Christmas Spectacular” show which I start performing the end of November through to the end of December

Cast Getting Ready into Position!


After a couple of days of Proms concerts, on Sunday I traveled up to Leicester to sing for production company Enter Edem. A young dynamic theater company where every-one pulls together to stage fantastic events. I first had the pleasure of performing for them two years ago and they are truly one of the best production companies I have ever worked with. Really professional  and extremely efficient, Enter Edem had been engaged to stage a Victorian event in Abbey park. What a difference a year or two can make as last time we were plagued with rain but this year the sun shone down profusely all day.

I wasn’t due to be on stage until mid day but as I wasn’t sure about unloading I arrived just after 8am and found I was able to drive right to where I needed to be while the company worked together to build my stage and gazebo. For this show I had been engaged to perform 3 x 45 minute Music Hall shows daily but with-out costume changes. I always carry a spear costume but due to the rising temperatures I decided to wear my white late Victorian gown which proved to be the right choice as the afternoon sun got hotter and hotter.

Props in the Park!

As for the rest of the company I don’t know how they managed as some of their costumes looked extremely warm as they depicted characters from “Alice in Wonderland” and Victorian society while encouraging visitors and children to play games.

Next day it was all change for Enter Edem as Monday’s theme was medieval. I however had been booked for Bank Holiday Monday to play my “My Fair Lady” show in Halton.  As temperatures were still high I wasn’t looking forward to getting into costume and wearing wool along with lace boots. However in the end I comprised and wore pop socks and shoes which stopped me from over heating and made all the difference.

Since returning from Leicester and “My Fair Lady I’ve been catching up on paper work and been in the recording studio.

Fun and Games in the Park!

This Sunday Paul and I will be on stage at Shuttleworth Museum, Biggleswade,  performing for their Vintage Air Show, 3 shows daily at 10am singing the 1920s and 30s, 1pm the 1940s and at 3pm the Swinging 50s, 60s and 70s. So it will be great if you can make it along.

The following week the 3rd September is the 80th anniversary of when Neville Chamberlain announced Britain was at War with Germany and as you can imagine I’ve a busy “We’ll Meet Again” week booked plus  a 1940s show on Saturday night with Paul at St Lauds Church in Sherington. I shall tell you more about that in my next blog

Meeting Up With The Costume Characters!

along with my show times for Hughenden Manor’s 1940s weekend the 14th and 15th September.

In the mean time I shall leave you with some pictures from the weekend. Keep Following and Toodle Pip! 😉

Having my Fortune Told by Zoltar!

Back from Singing the 40s at Stonehurst Farm & Off to Abbey Park!

Dressed to Perform GI Jive!

Meeting the Animals!

Paul and I have just returned from performing for a terrific 1940s event which was staged last weekend in the Leicestershire town of Mountsorrel at Stonehurst Farm. The wonderful thing about this event is it offers something for every-one. Stonehurst Farm is a family run working farm where it is possible to bring children, feed the animals and to go on pony rides. It also has a great farm shop, restaurant and tea room, not to mention a fantastic motor museum.

Last weekend the farm went back to the 194

Paul and I between Sets

Inside the Motor Museum!

0s as re-enactors arrived with their displays of military vehicles and set up encampments charting the history of WW2. I had been engaged to perform 3 x 45 minute shows daily plus music for the Saturday night

Meeting the Staff at Stonehurst Farm!

Dressed for the 40s!

dance which gave me the opportunity to perform 8 sets with 7 costume changes.

A great deal of thought goes into all my shows as I like to cover a broad spectrum of 40s music. This doesn’t just include the American Swing style, but the British style too. Naturally each show has a different look to go with the music and I always bring more music than I need so I am able to mix numbers to please the audience. This year we had a group of swing dancers who really got things going not only during the day but at the evening dance too, which every-one really enjoyed.

Paul sang more this year as his repertoire is growing  and together we kept every-one well entertained as the farm laid on a hog roast. We even had a battle re-enactment and a fly past on both days. Fortunately the weather turned in our favor which after the heavy Friday rain fall we were very pleased to see the sun although it did bring out the midges

Now I’m back home I’d like to thank every-one at Stonehurst Farm for making this 1940s event such a success and Paul and I are already looking forward to 2020.

I now have a very busy week ahead of me with shows every day and on Sunday I shall be returning to Leicester to perform in Abbey Park for the towns Victorian Day. I’ve been booked to perform 3 shows daily out-side the Education Center starting at 12.00 noon. So if you are in town it will be delightful to see you as I have a wonderful program of Music Hall numbers planned for the day.

On bank holiday Monday I’ve been booked to perform my “My Fair Lady” show in Wendover which will give me a bit of a sharp turn around but nothing I can’t handle. The following Sunday I shall be singing for the Shuttleworth Colection at Old Warden but more on that in my next blog. In the mean time I shall leave you with a few photos from last weekend at Stonehurst farm. More photos can be found on my facebook page.

Keep Following and Toodle Pip! 😉

On Stage with Paul!


Stonehurst Farm Goes Back to the 40s 17th 18th Aug 2019!

Cranking Up & Set for Stonehurst!

In the Motor Museum!

Following on from last nights blog I’m pleased to be able to tell you a little more about our 1940s shows which will be taking place at Stonehurst Farm and Museum this coming weekend. Paul and I have been booked to perform 3 x 45 minute costume shows daily both Saturday and Sunday.

Saturday 17th August 19 – 11.30am “The Fleets in Port Again” Wrens Show, 1.30pm “Don’t Sit Under the Apple Tree”, 1940s American Glamour Show, 3.30pm Those Magnificent Men WAAF Show.

Sunday 18th August 19 – 11.30am “We’ll Meet Again” ATS Show, 1.30pm “Hooray for Hollywood” Songs from the Movies, 3.30pm “GI Jive US” WAC Show.

Paul and I shall also be performing 2 x 45 minute glamour swing sets Saturday night at the dance which will be taking place from 7pm and once again Paul will be performing the very best Swing tunes popularized by Frank Sinatra. The Farm will be serving a hog  roast and we hope to get you all up on the dance floor. A fly over has been booked for Saturday (weather permitting) and we look forward to seeing you all this weekend as it

Paul Making Friends with the Animals!

Shopping at Stonehurst Farm!

promises to be a great occasion with re-enactors, vintage vehicles, a battle re-enactment and stalls.

Unlike other 1940s events which are often held in fields Stonehurst Farm is a proper working farm and is extremely family friendly. It’s a great place for children and  where it is possible to meet and feed the friendly animals, collect freshly laid eggs, enjoy tractor rides, pony rides, hold baby animals, explore the nature trail and see what you can catch “pond dipping”. Not to mention a delightful tea shop, farm shop and a fantastic motor museum!

Something for every-one and a great way of introducing younger members of the family to the 1940s. See you this weekend

! Keep Following and Toodle Pip!

See You There!

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