Hello one and all and welcome to my news page. Here you can see me as my two alter egos the ever efficient secretary Prudie Jones, Evette the Spivette and plain old little me as you catch up with all that is current in my world. Regrettably unlike Prudie my spelling is quite frightful at the best of times due to my dyslexia so I shall apologise now for anything which might be shamefully mis-spelt. In the mean time I hope you find this page fun, entertaining and informative and become a regular visitor to my site.

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Welcome to Instagram and Making the Most of Social Media!

Hard at Work!

This week I’ve been working hard in the office as my alter ego Prudie Jones (the ever efficient secretary) to clear my desk of paperwork before the weekend.  Despite my dodgy spelt e-mails my computer has been red hot. Today I couldn’t write down my show dates quick enough before another request popped up into my mail box. I’ve sold 12 show dates today and I have a pile of contracts to send out first thing tomorrow before I head off to my show in Hitchin.  Twice today, just as I got to the door to go running the phone went with another booking which can’t be bad. Even though I had to shorten my run to just round the block otherwise I would have been late for my manicure.

Have You Met Miss Jones?

It’s been hard going on the computer as BT has been playing up again and my increda mail isn’t working properly. My Iphone and Ipad aren’t picking up e-mails either which is really annoying. I had to write one e-mail 3 times today as the connection broke just at the vital point due to me pressing the wrong button. It’s such a a pain when that happens and I wasn’t able recover my work either. I confess I did let a few rather choice words rip which I wont repeat, but put it this way I wasn’t best pleased!

This weekend I’m away for my accounts weekend and I still have a few things to sort out like I must wash my running kit. I like to run first thing in the morning and everything has got a bit muddy these last few days. It’s great to hide away in a hotel where nobody knows me which allows me to get on with my work. This is the one weekend of the year where I let my hair down and I look like a scuff eating breakfast in my track suit and not dressing for dinner.

Thrilling news my Instagram button is now up and running on my

Lets Make that a Date for April!

web-site. Iain my web designer has been working hard to build my profile as we have been focusing this particular social media page towards fashion. Social media can be a wonderful tool if you engage it intelligently. It’s all about targeting different markets and when it comes to photos I have many to illustrate my love of fashion. Sometimes one needs a fresh approach and Iain has been choosing the photos, I’ve just been adding a few words. If it had been left to me I probably would have chosen the same old  so it’s good to have another eye. Some of the photos Iain has used I’d completely forgotten about so it’s been good to see them again and to get a fresh approach.

Talking about new markets my international pages are now starting to take shape although the Italian page still needs a few more photos in the left column to finish it off. My videos are now starting to come into their own adding colour and variety to my website. I’m booked to work with David again in February when we will be editing another two films one in French and the Joe Stafford number “April and You” which I think is lovely and a song I’d like to have in place for Easter. I’ve also been approached to host my own radio show which is an exciting thought. I’m not sure if I would be any good at it or if I would have the time to do the job to the standard I would wish it to be done. It’s a wonderful opportunity and I have an appointment next month to talk things over with the station –  so we will just have to see!

That’s all my news for now as it’s full steam ahead with 2018

Toodle Pip and Keep Watching!


Getting Ship Shape and Planning Forward into 2018!

Getting Ship Shape in the Office!

It’s been business as usual this week which started off with a great Monday morning work-out. It’s good to be back in the gym after my  busy Christmas season although that’s not to say I haven’t been performing. I had three shows this week and the time in-between has enabled me to catch up with my paperwork. January is a month for getting ship shape and already the year is starting to take shape which is very encouraging. I’m moving forward and I have lots of plans which I can’t wait to put into production involving my films, some new musical arrangements and a photo shoot but I shall tell you more about that later.

Back in the Gym!

Next weekend will be my accounts weekend. If you follow me regularly you will know I always book a weekend away in January with the sole purpose of getting on with my accounts. Doing accounts has got to be one of the most boring jobs in the world so by booking into a hotel, away from all the distractions of home it’s a great way of getting this horribly boring job done with the minimum amount of pain. The quite time away also gives me the chance I need to get my feathers straight ready to take on the world when I get back. It’s a good thing to do and I always come home feeling refreshed!

It’s Time for a New Pair of ATS Shoes!

Looking forward to 2018 I’m in need of a new pair of 1940s ATS shoes. Performing in original pieces of uniform is OK to a point but after a while things do wear out especially when it comes to shoes. You can have them re soled and re heeled but I don’t just march in my shoes but dance and the strain on the shoe can be immense. Especially when you consider I’m asking the shoe to do something it isn’t really designed to do. So this January Paul and I will be attending the Stoneleigh Militaria fair.  I haven’t been for a couple of years so it will be good to go again and see what the buzz on the street is for 2018. I have a small list of things I’m looking  for and keeping up to date with new 1940s dresses is a serous investment.

If I’m honest I’m rather overwhelmed with period clothes. I have three bedrooms full all bursting at the seams but then I am a soprano and costume artist and these are the tools of my trade. This season I have a few different roles to play so I will be keeping my eyes open to see if there is anything with that special X factor vintage magic.

That’s all my news for now other than next week I shall be performing “Hooray for Hollywood” and my “20th Century show” before going away to do my accounts. I shall be away for much of the end of January but when I get back I will be starting work on editing a couple of new showreels. I will have more news on that in my next blog so Keep watching  and Toodle Pip!

Part Two – New Year, Peaky Blinders and on into 2018!

Dressed for New Year!

Paul Enjoying Tea at the Hilton!

Welcome back to part two of my blog as I tell you more about my New Year in Arundel. When it comes to the entertainment business New Year is usually a time for bands and DJs so it rather a treat for Paul and I to have the night off and be entertained ourselves rather than be the ones doing the entertaining! As I had been working and staying with Paul just along the coast line, Arundel makes for a pleasant run out as it isn’t too far to travel.

Paul had booked for us to stay at the Hilton Hotel and to have high tea on our arrival. At 3.30pm we sat down to a delightful selection of finger sandwiches, cakes and scones which was just enough to keep us going before the evenings entertainment. I’m so pleased that this year we didn’t have to leave the hotel as the heavens opened and it didn’t stop raining all day and night. It was still raining heavenly on the 1st January.

It’s always difficult to know what will be the right thing to wear for New Year as I have so many evening gowns and I often want a dress I can dance in. This year we didn’t have to worry about travelling to the venue and walking outside so

Party Time!

Oh What a Beauty!

Happy New Year!

I was able to wear my lovely evening shoes all night with-out the worry of changing them. There’s nothing worst than wet evening shoes and a wet hem to your gown!

This year I choose one of my purple evening dresses and I asked Judi my dress maker to make a few alterations. A few extra sparkles in the right places and to open up the back making it a mayor feature of the gown. Some of you will recognise the dress as it’s the one I wore for my Nessun Dorma video. I choose this gown as the skirt has a side split which is ideal for dancing  and the fabric doesn’t crease. I also knew I had a wrap from another dress which would match perfectly. This can often prove essential when sitting down for dinner as one never knows just how warm a room can be especially on New Years eve. As it transpires all was well and the room was warm. Paul and I had a wonderful evening as we danced the night away to the Little Big Band and saw in the New Year in with fireworks!

So Happy New Year Every-one and here’s to a great 2018!

I’m back home now and as you might expect I’ve been busy catching up with my e-mails and contracts mapping the year. 2018 is selling well, far better than 17 did at this, the same point last year which gives me confidence. It’s interesting picking up on the trends and understanding what people might be looking for for 2018. I’m keen to extend my 1970s repertoire which seems to be hitting the mark along with my Rock and Roll 50s & 60s shows. I want to invest in some new musical arrangements for 18 and I have lots of ideas I’m just dying to put into production and make happen.

Paul Dressed for New Year’s Eve!

I predicted a year or two ago that the 1920s would be a trend to look out for and coupled with the popular TV series “Peaky Blinders”  it seems I’ve been right.  It’s gritty, dirty, working class and so easy to do. So it’s hardly surprising that board 1940s re-anacters are now choosing to put on their flat caps, waist coats and want to play at being Birmingham gangsters! So for any event organizers out there who might be reading this – Now is the time to try something new!  Ditch the 1940s as the public are board with it and run a 1920s Peaky Blinders come Gatsby weekend instead. Musically it’s old but new as Music Hall meets the Jazz age or if that’s not to your fancy  try the 1950s and 60s and watch your gates improve as enthusiasm for vintage weekends is re-born and restored!

I love both these eras and I hope very much that I will have the opportunity to perform at events which cover these themes

Doing the 1920s!

in 2018. Oddly enough next week I have a 1920s show to do on Tuesday and two 1950s and 60s shows on Wednesday and Thursday so on ward and upwards as they say. I’m already booked in to perform for a couple of 1940s events this year along with a new Victorian event which will give me some musical variety.

That’s all my news for now. I’m back in the gym first thing tomorrow morning and I’m looking forward very much to my work-out.

Keep Watching and Toodle Pip!

Part One – Back from Christmas, Panto and A Happy New Year!

Merry Christmas at The Theater Royal!

Hello every-one it’s good to be back after a terrific Christmas season. May I start by wishing you all a Very Happy New Year and thank-you for all your kind wishes, cards, presents and support over the last year. I often wonder when I write my blogs if anyone actually reads them but it seems quite a lot of you do which is always nice to know!

I’ve decided to split my blog into two this time around and in my next installment I will be telling you more about my new year. I know I have fallen behind somewhat with my blog writing this Christmas as it’s been a busy season so I hope the wait will have been worth it as I have so much to tell you all.

If you caught my last blog you will know I’ve been down on the South Coast with Paul for Christmas and New Year and since returning I’ve been tied up with contracts and e-mails. I had over 100 e-mails which needed my attention when I returned. I’ve also been out performing New Year shows

Paul with Poppy at The Canoe Lake!

this week which has made a refreshing change from Rocking Around the Christmas Tree. Certainly there seems to be more confidence in the air and my shows have been selling well for 2018. So far it’s been a bit of a mixed bag with regards bookings for this year with no strong trends leaping forward. Although I have a feeling September and November are going to be big sellers with the WW1 and Air Force centenaries.

I was very lucky this Christmas that I had a few days off between shows. Paul’s mother joined us for lunch on Christmas day and Poppy stayed

Poppy at Greens!

with us for the holidays as we took her for walks around the canoeing lake in Southsea despite the cold weather. There is a wonderful dog friendly cafe in Southsea called “Greens”. It’s a great spot to stop for lunch and they always have plenty of doggy biscuits on hand for our K9 friends although Poppy prefers to have human food than dog food.

While I was away Paul was able to get tickets for us to see “Beauty and the Beast” at The Theater Royal in Portsmouth. A wonderful theater built in the 1850s and full of character. It doesn’t seem

Paul and I at The Theater Royal!

all that long ago when I was treading the boards in Panto myself. One of my first professional jobs was the role of Cinderella at The Civic Theater in Rotherham, although in those days you would always have the principle boy played by a woman. They don’t do that now which I think is a real shame as it’s part of our British heritage and pantomime tradition. I always had a yearning to play principle boy but as I’m a soprano my voice was always too high for the role which meant casting directors would always give the part to a mezzo soprano.

Out-side the Theater!

In this production of “Beauty and the Beast” we had a smarmy villain called Fredric, an officer in the Kings Navy who wanted to steal Beauty away from the Beast and marry her himself. A fairy god mother, a wicked witch plus a bear and a female impresario. I confess I lost the plot at one point but it all came together in the end and it was great to see a cast made up of people who could actually sing and dance. I think Fredric was my favorite character who was a bit of a cross between Adam Ant and Flash from Blackadder with a touch of Prince thrown in. He was an excellent dancer and his pirouettes were a delight

Portsmouth’s Guild Hall!

to watch which far out shone his singing ability which only added to the entertainment factor. Beauty had a beautiful singing voice  and the production was very well costumed.  A wonderful show packed full of great family entertainment!

The Theater Royal sits in the heart of Portsmouth not far from the Guild Hall which is built in the Italian style and looks very impressive. In the summer I think you could be mistaken for thinking yourself in Rome which is why it’s often used in films. I think Paul told me that they even made it look like a street in Imperial Russia for

Shopping in Chichester!

one film which with the right set dressing I could see working very well.

At this time of year it’s always good to have a little look at the sales although I have to confess there hasn’t been a great deal to catch my eye. To be honest I’ve never seen so many shops full of so much rubbish. Paul and I did have a day in Chichester and the only thing I could see worth buying was some fabric which was reduced in the sale. As for the clothes they all looked horrible and I’m glad I’m able to have a lot of my clothes made as i don’t like any of the designs on desplay. However I have to confess when I was in Southsea I did buy a pair of shoes in Knight and Lee which are very 1940s in style. As for everything else I just had to walk by.

I’m going to have to leave my blog here tonight as I still have some e-mail replies I must get away tonight. In my next blog I

Lunch in Chichester!

will be tell you about New Years Eve and our trip to Arundel. So Keep Watching and Toodle Pip for Now!

Rocking Around the Christmas Tree & All Set for New Year!

Me With Audrey Today!

It had been my intention to blog long before this moment to tell you the latest about my Christmas Season. Although I’m sure many of you who follow me regularly would have guessed I’ve been extremely busy with the run up to Christmas. I’ve been travelling from venue to venue performing two shows daily all week and last night when I came in I had to go straight to bed. Although I’m good a pacing myself last night was one of those nights when I had to say “To hell with the paperwork” and to  sleep I went. I’ve been doing a lot of travelling this month and I’ve had rather too many late nights and early mornings. Today I felt so much better after 11 hours sleep and quickly bounced back into “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree”. Sleep is the best thing! Although now I’m busy back at my desk catching up!

What with everything going on at the moment I can’t blog for too long tonight as I’m heading off to the South Coast on Christmas Eve straight after my show in High Wycombe. I still

My New Christmas Dress!

have much of my packing to do as I’m away for for New Years Eve too and I need to sort out a couple of evening dresses. Speaking of dresses my new Christmas dress has been doing it’s job. It’s lovely when a plan comes together as I bought the vintage Liberty fabric ages ago and I was able to pair it with a velvet bolero I picked up from a charity shop 10 years ago. My dress maker Judi was able to cut the bolero down and pipped it to match the dress . The outfit was designed to  complement my Christmas broach and as with many of my dresses I have them made with interchangeable features. This one has an ortunative bolero which I will probably wear in the Spring for “The hills are alive” and all that!

Rather excitingly I’m pleased to announce I have two new videos up loaded to You Tube “Requiem for a Soldier” and “La Marseillaise”. I’ve been working with Iain on my International pages which you can see by clicking the button

Dressing for The Season!

which makes up my contents bar at the top of this page. It will drop down and you can see my French Day pages and my new Italian shows page which now have proper translations. We still have a few more photos to add to the Italian page but it’s starting to take shape nicely and I hope it will make things easier when I’m pitching to the French and Italian markets.

In the mean time here are the links to my new videos which as yet I haven’t even put up on Facebook due to being so busy. For Requiem we were able to do something a little different this time and used a couple of still photos of me on stage in Normandy with the Veterans combining both the British ATS and American WAC uniforms. At first when I filmed Requiem I was thinking more along the lines of  the Americans with the Band of Brothers theme but I think combining the British as well is a good selling point by adding in the still photos. Enjoy –

A Quick Selfie with Santa!

I’m afraid this will be my last blog for the year as I’m away all of next week and I wont be back at my desk until the 2nd January. By then I will have lots to tell you of my time away and more lovely photos to sure with you all. You may remember in my last blog I was talking about my Amp Yam. Well it would appear I’m not daft after all and I have a dry joint affecting the stereo sound. After I thought I had sorted the problem the stereo issue appeared again and I had to work a couple of my shows in mono. Sometimes the stereo works fine and sometimes it doesn’t so it must be the switch. Another little job for the New Year!

All that’s left for me to do is to thank all those of you who have engaged me to perform and supported me this year. I’d like to wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and here’s to a Fantastic 2018! I look forward to catching up with you all in January. Toodle Pip and Keep Following! 😉

Feathered Hats, Christmas Lingerie to a Woburn Winter Wonderland!

A White Winter Woburn!

Hello every-one as you can see I’m back at my desk burning the midnight oil once more. I’ve been in creditably busy since I last wrote my blog having had all sorts of adventures. It’s been a little like that song “One wheel on my wagon, and I’m still

rolling along!” It must just be the general panic of Christmas I think as I feel terribly behind this year. I’ve not even started on writing my Christmas cards as I’ve had an endless stream of annoying little niggly jobs to do which have been slowing me down somewhat. Silly things, that no

Sitting Pretty!

sooner than I sort one problem and another niggly little job pops up. I feel like I’m constantly  fighting to stay on top with not enough time to compleate my jobs.

However despite not having enough hours in the day I have made some positive leaps forward. My video library is growing nicely and I now have 45 videos and showreels documenting my work from Opera to Rock and Roll. More videos are on there way and I currently have in production “La Marseillaise” and “Requiem for a Soldier”. Iain my web-designer has been working with me on a new Italian page for my web-site as I want to appeal more to the international market and expand further into Europe. This might seem a bit bonkers with the Brexit issue at the moment but I’m finding the UK vintage scene horribly stale where the world is a much more exciting prospect. There is still plenty of work to be done on my

Rachel & I at What Katie Did!

international pages as it’s taken us a while to find a good Italian translation. My French D-Day page also needed to be re worked as some of the French via Google wasn’t quite the ticket so we have put that right too which will be a great improvement.

This week I’ve been busy performing my “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” show dashing from place to place. I’ve had a few disasters like amps, leads and speakers failing only to find the problems haven’t really been problems at all and it’s just been a case of me knocking a switch I didn’t see or not pushing a lead in quite enough.

Paul Meets Mummy Santa at The Soiree!

A Sara Tiara Creation!

You know what they say “More haste less speed” and when one is busy and in a dash it’s easy to make silly mistakes – but all’s well that ends well!

On Friday I joined Paul after my show for a weekend away in Woburn. By a twist of fate I had Saturday clear and I had been sent tickets to attend the “What Katie Did” Christmas Soiree in Portobello Road. If you follow my blogs you will know I was there only a few weeks ago when my friend Lynda and I had a day in London. “What Katie Did” do is specialize in faux vintage style lingerie and as I was in need of a few extra pieces to add to my collection it was a wonderful opportunity to attend.

Saturday was jolly cold as both Paul and I wrapped up warm and headed into London from Woburn. There is always lots to see in Portobello Road and while Paul and I were in town we  had the pleasure of meeting Sara Tiara who makes the most wonderful hats. Potobello Road is full of interesting and creative people and Sara’s hat are just a dream. Here is a link to her web-site and I had such fun trying on a couple of her beautiful creations – so very me!

So Very Me!

On Sunday I was due to head straight off after breakfast to Abingdon as I was booked to be on stage for 2pm. However Paul and I woke to find Woburn covered in a blanket of snow with the roads completely blocked. Only one member of staff was on in our hotel and after being turned back Paul and I decided to stay another night in Woburn. It turned out to be the right thing to do as we later found out the roads to Aylesbury had been closed along with the A34 so neither Paul and I would have made our destinations.

By Monday much of the snow had cleared as I had two shows back to back in Berkhamstead and Bourne End. Today I’ve been in Bigglewade and tomorrow I shall be in Leighton Buzzard before I have to make it over to Abingdon again on Thursday. Now the snow has cleared all should be OK but at this time of year you can never be too sure so it’s important to travel prepared.

Paul and I in Woburn!

That’s my news as I keep trucking on through the Christmas season. Keep Following and Toodle Pip!

It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas, 3 New Showreels & That’ll be The Day!

Nessun Dorma!

Hello every-one I’m back at my desk after spending much of this week on the road with the start of my “Rocking Around the Christmas Tree” season. As you might expect when ones most busy there always seem to materialize a problem. This week one of my little ZX1 speakers went down when I was in Harlow and I had to do my show today with my 300s which taking into consideration the size of the venue was a little over played. Fortunately I was able to scale the sound back to suit the venue but I feel it’s important whenever I play somewhere my rig is right for the show. This job ideally needed two ZX1s as one wouldn’t have been enough but in the end I used one 300 which worked out just fine.

Springing into Christmas!

A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square!

All being well I hope to get my speaker back tomorrow before I dash off to my next show in Abingdon. At first I thought it was one of my wires then I though it might have been the amp and then I realized it was the speaker which was the problem . So fingers crossed it’s just a dry joint which can be easily fixed!

On Wednesday I worked all afternoon with David on my videos and showreels and I’m pleased to say I have five new videos coming out in the next few weeks. Three of my videos have already been up loaded to You Tube and I’m very proud of them. It’s great when a plan come together and to see the fruits of my labor.

Yesterday I up loaded Nessun Dorma and today my new 1940’s showreel on Facebook which opens up with Doris Day’s song “It’s Magic” before you see me in my different military uniforms and costumes. We filmed more songs than we used in the final cut as I felt the showreel was a little too long. However I’m now very pleased pleased with the content and colour balance. If you haven’t seen my films here are the links you can click onto which I hope you will all enjoy and share with your friends.

Hanging Out the Washing 1940s Style!

Dressed for Duty on Camera!

When I write my next blog I will share with you my other video which is the WW1 Recruitment song “I’ll Make a man of You”. This song was sung by Maggie Smith in the 1969 film “Oh it’s a Lovely War” and I thought it would be appropriate to release this song for 2018 to tie in with the 1918 centenary.

After working all day with David I met up with my friends Betty and Chris as we had tickets to see the “That’ll Be the Day” Christmas Show at The Waterside Theater in Aylesbury and what a great show it was too. I spent all evening singing along with the Christmas hits of yester-year as many of the songs are ones I use in my own show. You may not believe this but back in 1991 I did sound and lights for “That’ll be the Day” when I was a Red Coat at the Metropole Hotel in Blackpool. Small world isn’t it!

That’s all my news for now apart from I’m working on some new international pages for my web-site which I hope will make things easier for clients who are looking to book me from abroad.

That’ll Be The Day Show!

Keep Watching and Toodle Pip!



Back from York, Bettys Tea Rooms & Straight into Christmas!

Outside York Minster!

I expect many of you have already seen on Facebook my photos from my time away in York. I had been looking forward to this holiday for such a long time especially when I get so little time away from my shows. Unfortunately by Tuesday evening I discovered I had come down with an awful cold which was really disappointing when Paul and I had planned to visit so many wonderful places. By Friday we decided to come home a day early and I’ve spent much of Saturday in bed. Even now I’m warped up in scarfs and jumpers doing my best to keep warm although I hate not to be working so I’ve spent this afternoon on my paperwork. I had planned to go into London to visit the Hammersmith Vintage Fashion Fair but in truth I’m not really well enough to be out and I need to get well for next week as I start on the first of my Christmas shows.

Despite not quite being myself I’m pleased to say Paul and I did enjoy a full action packed Tuesday. We traveled up on

Paul and I at The Shambles!

Lunch at Bettys Tea Rooms!

Me on the Chard Prayer Stool with my Blue Peter Prizes!

the Monday and then set off to walk into York the next day after breakfast. Destination – York Minster. If you have ever been into York you will know there is so much to see and do with lots of smaller churches dotted about which you can’t miss as you walk into town. The streets are lined

with interesting shops and architecture. Our plan was to walk and to see and do

Paul Gritting his Teeth Through the Ghost Tour!

The Dreaded Ghost Tour Bus!

things as the mood took us on our way to the Minster. Certainly York doesn’t disappoint as it’s Christmas market was in full swing and we stopped to have a late lunch at Bettys famous tea rooms. Bettys have two lovely tea shops in York but we went to the one located in the Shambles.  There’s often a que to get in but we were very lucky as we timed it just right between the lunch time and the tea time rush.

The Shambles looks like something out of a Dickensian novel or Harry Potter film set as most of the shops are oak beamed and there isn’t a straight architectural line in sight. It’s a popular tourist haunt with a steady flow of Chinese and Japanese tourists as the streets lead up to the Minster.

I’d been wanting to visit the Minster for over 30 years. In 1986 I was a runner up in the Blue Peter York Minster bosses competition so I was keen to see the bosses and the Rose window which was damaged in the fire of 1984. As a child Blue Peter was one of my favorite TV programs  and I use to enjoy entering all the different painting competitions. As a runner up in the competition my prize was a piece of York Minster along with a certificate from the Dean, a Jorvik Viking coin and a Blue Peter badge which entitled me to free entry to all sorts of museums and galleries around the country.

31 years later I was dying to see if wearing my Blue Peter badge would still entitle me to free entry to York Minster and to my astonishment it did! Paul and I received a free guided tour thanks to Sophie and she showed us the Rose window and one of the prayer stools which still bears the chard marks from the 1984 fire.

That evening I had arranged for us to go on a vintage haunted bus tour around York only I’m sorry to say the tour was more than a little disappointing. You kind of expect these sort of tours to be a bit tongue and cheek but what spoiled it were the cut away film shots to an actress taking off Yvette Fielding as the film wanted us to believe she had had her head smashed in by a ghost while we were pulled up outside the chocolate factory – What a boar! By this point I was more interested in finding the nearest loo while Paul gritted his teeth through out. Not a tour I would recommend although the best part was when we got off the bus and our tour guide/ inspector Mr Robin Graves (I hear you grown) talked to us about the Shambles with-out the aid of a microphone. He was much better with-out his microphone as he had a habit of

Back at Calton Towers!

Christmas at Calton Towers!

shouting down it at times and kept getting into a pickle which I couldn’t make out was part of the act or not. Needless to say Paul and I were more than pleased when it was over and we were back in our hotel.

The next day Paul and I made it over to Calton Towers. It had been our intention to go to Harrogate but as my cold was starting to become more prevalent we thought a walk around a Christmas market in a stately home might be less tiring and a warmer thing to do. So we both warped up in our country casuals and had a run over to the house. Of course I know Carlton Towers having sung there for the Queens Coronation anniversary in 2013. Not much has changed although in 2013 I was invited to stay the night in the Lord Mark suit and I remember being visited by a ghost in the middle of the night which pulled my leg – but that’s another story!

On Thursday we decided to drive over to Whitby although the weather had turned rather nasty. When you have a cold you feel the

Lunch at Trenchers in Whitby!

elements much more keenly and we only made it as far as Trenchers Restaurant which is situated in the center of town. It was too cold and wet to make it up to Whitby Abbey although Trenchers Fish and Chips were very satisfying on such a cold wet day as we decided to make our way back after our meal with a brief stop in Pickering.

Now I’m back home it’s important I get myself together with the first of my Christmas Shows on Tuesday and a busy December booked into the diary.

Keep Watching and Toodle Pip!

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