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Armed Forces Day & The Battle of the Somme!

Me with The Military Wives Choir!

Me with The Military Wives Choir!

Looking Smart in Mess Dress at Northwood!

Looking Smart in Mess Dress at Northwood!

It’s just a very quick blog tonight only because I need to get to bed and I must organise myself in time for the weekend. Last night I was at Northwood HQ performing for the Warrant Officers and Senior Ranks Mess Battle of the Somme Dinner along with the Military Wives Choir. I always enjoy doing Mess dos and this one was particularly enjoyable as I had been engaged to perform songs from the Great War. I came straight on from performing my first “Happy and Glorious” show that day in Amersham which gave me lots of time to set up and relax before stepping out on stage at 10.15pm. It was a very special occasion and a joy to sing at the Mess so I hope very much I get invited back again. Next weekend I have another Battle of the Somme anniversary to perform at in Gloster so it’s all go with the music of the First World War at the moment.

On Saturday I shall be performing at the Royal Oak Pub in Aston Abbotts for Armed Forces Day so I hope you can all make it along. I shall be on stage at 3pm-3.45pm and at 4.15pm -5pm so it will be lovely to see you. If you would like to book a table you can call the Royal Oak on Tel 01296 681262. It’s a wonderful place to dine and I belive they will be doing cream teas too so see you there.

I must leave it here tonight.

Keep Watching and Toodle Pip! 😉

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